The TRUTH About The Secret Black Box Big Banks Use To Manipulate Mortgages – MOC #215

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  1. I concur! You are awesome man! Keep it up! Like Voltaire said, O.K., I need to use French quotes here, «Écrasez l’infâme!», or something to that effect. Keep it lit man! :3

  2. With everything the banks do with your mortgage to try and screw you over, it would be safer to just go out and live in the forest. At least the bears won’t try to drag you out from your stick pile… well, actually they might, but you’ll probably be fine if you play dead and you don’t have any jam in your pocket.

    Also, why do you say that the banks don’t contribute? I’ll have you know that they’ve done a lot for the Mexican drug lords, which has, in turn, helped Americans get their cocaine and heroine. My local drug dealers are very satisfied with their service.

    Anyway, awesome Moment of Clarity. The Zelda reference was the bees knees, and the nose-picking break really helped. I was getting crusty up there.

  3. “The legend of Zelda played by a one armed toddler?” … you are a genius. I had to google it I admit. That would be a lot of links… I think.

    … keep up the good work.



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