“Life, Liberty, & Indefinite Detention Without A Trial!” – M.O.C. #100

  1. Well now… a resounding and lasting HUZZAH! on the 100th episode Lee. I gotta say bro- you are in rare form on this one! You gots some seriously caustic flow going there and it was like the shellac on an old school principle’s wooden paddle. Time for the country to get some learn on.

    (oh- and the shirts are coming! I am trying to get ’em there by the 25th for your present, lol! -unless your Jewish… then La Chaim and Happy Chewbacca..or is it Chaka Kahn?)

  2. I saw on Twitter you had Palast as a guest. I never heard of your podcast but based on your last comment I’m now going to Itunes and subscribe. Fuck Yeah!

  3. Hey, I really appreciate your thoughts. And I agree that RP is the best of the right-wing. And I agree with most of his foreign policy. But my basic disagreement is that I believe in a world where we help out those with the least among us. I do not believe in a world where it’s every man for himself and fuck the rest.

  4. Hey Lee – thanks for telling the brutal truth!!. Although the political spectrum is full of shills and war profiteers PLEASE PLEASE take another look at RON PAUL. He isn’t perfect but he’s is a man of integrity and will bring the US imperialistic wars to an end. The media has railroaded him!!. He is the only one who will repeal the patriot act and NDDA. He supports OWS. Please – take another look. I am an independent thinker/voter and have never voted rep in my life but he is our last hope!! RON PAUL 2012

  5. Hey, where the fuck is Lindsay Lohanes tits?? haha just kiddin’ bro, great 100th episode, congrats.

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