Breaking News: Tiny Homes For Homeless Demolished

  1. I live in slc and what y’all saw was manipulated. They abused the living fuck outta the homeless and once the national spotlight was on us they claimed that what u saw wasn’t the truth. Their truth was they absolutely destroyed every single possession and burning it in the name of “it’s infested with bedbugs” they planted drugs on those who refused the “free apartment” forcing them to either join the project or go to jail and then they took away their children and dogs/ cats/pets telling them that they would only get them back if the participate in the project and then those who did testimonials aka propaganda got to stay in their bug infested, moldy slumlord ‘dream homes’. We were praised and told we were hero’s but the fucking second the spotlight was on someone else everything was again stolen from the homeless and guess what happened??? Crime… rapes, murders, thefts it all started getting worse and worse but the worst part was before the raids happened all that crime was mostly around pioneer park. But now it’s spread out to every neighborhood in every city. Oh yeah I forgot… Utah has the highest suicidal rate in the country and the highest state prescribed antidepressants!!! Fuck Utah!

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