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Hi, I’m comedian-slash-activist-slash-writer-slash-arsehole Lee Camp. You might know me as the guy who got banned from Fox News.

I’ve created a webseries called “Moment of Clarity.” You’re going to like it. It’s a 3 to 5-minute video rant that comes out 3 times per week. They’re written, presented, filmed, directed, and edited by me on a shitty laptop. They cover everything from my hatred of happy people to my hatred of apathy. But mainly MOC serves as a documentation of the corporate takeover of America – with jokes. It’s a comedic confrontation that thrusts my illosophy at you in manageable bursts. It’s a breath of fresh aware. …Get it? Aware? …I’m still not sure you got it.





Here’s a sample of what this series is all about. This episode is entitled “Top 10 Ways To Punch Big Banks In The Nads” –

Here’s a lighter episode entitled “Advertisements Are @ssholes!” –

There are over 50 more of those on my YouTube channel, all original, all funny, all biting. All I ask from you is that you enter your email in the boxes to the right. That way I can let you know when a new video comes out and where I’m performing live. Also, when you have a second subscribe to the YouTube channel at and follow me at





Keep fighting,



  1. Love the show, love the book, love the series. I’m currently writing a 500-1000 word essay on how “moment of clarity” changed my life.

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  3. The real Redacted Tonight airs every Friday night at 8pm. The other interview show (Redacted Tonight: VIP) airs every Thursday at 5:30pm.

  4. Lee,
    I’m glad I found you and Redacted Tonight on RT. Only frustrating thing is when set to record new episodes I get a butt load of the same episodes and realized finally that you must only do one show a week….but, I still have to watch them all…..then go “Oh yeah! I already saw that one”…then look at the next one on the DVR…..same thing. It’s a bit more trouble to see which one is new and then look at the “INFO” page to see which day of the week it’s on….you know…it’s trouble….not scary like going to the 2nd page of a Google search! Oh My God!! There’s thousands of hits on even the most ridiculous searches. You’d have to… you said, pack a lunch….say goodbye to your loved ones! And you NEVER REALLY KNOW how many pages there are after page 2!! You could do like a casino and go in with a limit….but Jesus….how many people can actually live up to that.
    So, that was my foolish attempt to mimic your style (no response necessary….really). I just love it! But, could you tell me when you do a new Redacted show…what night of the week?
    Now onto Moment of Clarity. Thanks for providing more stuff!

  5. Love your stuff Lee !!! I am former Secret Service and U.S. Customs and a Whistle-blower and I know you are telling the Truth.
    Keep up the great work and let’s do a Project together some time.
    We have to stick together to fight this corruption or nobody else will.
    There aren’t many people who have the “Balls” or Cajones to do what we do.(Or Ovaries in the case of real Women)

    God bless you in your work and I too have a lap top and a DVD already released plus a book pending release.

    Shredd on !!! The HARD Way! Cause that’s what We the People are forced to do when the Government is corrupt.(Love Thomas Jefferson too!)


  6. You are fantastic! I watched your show after being shamed by my corporate “yes man” boss for my sense of humour that resembles yours. It is refreshing to watch you because you have the same issues that I do on the brain. My voice is empowered because people like you exist, and hopefully, together, we can return the power to the people with a twist!

  7. You asked for some t-shirt ideas. Here are a couple:

    This is a free speech zone.
    Prejudice is just shody profiling.
    Political Correctness is so gay.

    Enjoy 😉

    More to come,
    (and, yes. of course that is my nom de plume)

  8. Thanks for the write up! Also, just a heads up, your RSS feeds aren’t working. Could you take a appear at that?

  9. Could you consider leveling the mp3s at 89dB please? It would make it much easier to hear while listening to the podcast on the phone.

    In The Morning

  10. I’d REALLY like to show the world how much I want to punch apathy in the dick. Please let me know when more of your exclusive Moment of Clarity t-shirts might be available for purchase.

  11. I’m also white late middle aged woman who just found your MOC about the Mayflower spill.
    I’m so old and disgusted and resigned to what is going to happen that I’m now in a “I am telling you that I’m going to tell you that I told you so when the fucking shit hits the fan” mode.
    It’s good to see that some of your whippersnappers are trying.
    MOC on, kiddo. The old biddies are in support.

  12. I love you, Mary. Thank you so very much. Thank you for opening your eyes and spreading the truth to others. People like you give me hope.

  13. Lee, I’m a middle aged (ugh) white (eh) woman (YEA!) who has watched your MOC’s for over a year. You absolutely encapsulate all the garbage that’s going on. With the advent of the internet, youtube and the OWS movement I’ve had my eyes truly opened for the first time. Always been more progressive and liberal in my views but now it’s tinged with a lot more anger. There are more liberal media outlets now than ever before such as Link TV, Current, Free SpeechTV which are the few truly media channels that will offer in depth journalism. From your MOC, to Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, TYT’s, even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to name a few y’all are the voices. I said all that to say this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  14. Lee,

    Thanx for the rants ,music, and interviews. I heard you rant on an gnu/linux tech show and had to hear more,lol. Iam poor so I can’t buy you stuff but If your ever in Cleveland i’ll be the dude with the sign saying. “Hookers and Ballons for a ticket 2 show.” LoL : p

  15. Loving your rants lee 🙂 Comedy is a marvelous tool for awakening the ignorant, do you tackle 9/11 alongside the corperate fascism?

  16. Enjoyed you very much in Indy not so long ago. My hubby and I support the fight in Occupy, online and in RL. Sending many people your way :). Props to you for all you do! Keep it up, guy, you are definitely making an impact!

  17. God damn, Jon, thank you so much. Kinder words have never been spoken. I’m so glad I’m someone’s reason for not being committed. I hope your situation gets better soon. I’m sure it will. This world can’t hold the smart people down but so long. Keep fighting.

  18. If I believed in God, I would be thanking him fervently each day for Lee Camp and Tom Tomorrow, my only two reasons for not having myself committed to an institution for the hopelessly insane. (I don’t do it because I presume the institution would not allow me access to Moments of Clarity or This Modern World, in which case the drugs would not help.)

    I’m a YAUPIE (Yet Another Unemployed Ph.D., Involuntarily Evicted), a marginalized refugee from the formerly above-poverty-level knowledge-worker class, so I’m struggling to scrape together enough to buy your book and album. I greatly value and want to support your work, so I promise to send money, as soon as I can figure out how to get some. Cerebrally, Thanks for all you do, Lee, from the bottom of my limbic system.

  19. Hey Lee, Just wondering anything comming up about PaPa Johns, Applebees, Denny’s, or Walmart?

  20. Lee,

    How about a big Amazon link so we can get the commissions to your site from our purchases? I’m sure you have one but I have not found it yet…

  21. Thank you for mentioning the horrors of factory farming on the Dylan Ratigan show!!

  22. Hi Lee.
    Great to have someone else with the gusto to say what’s on their mind without any apology.
    I just want to ask you to add a topic to M.O.C. I think that the social system that we have in place has been used to put people in a living environment that in my own thinking, is unnatural, and thus has become harmful in all aspects of human existence. This system has created a specie of human beings that have been told in no uncertain terms that you should sit on our asses, get mind
    fucked, depend on the system to give you all that you have coming. Using pressure from the biblers (holy ones) that pressure the blind, mindless & brainless of us (90%) to be conformers to the system and then turn around and give worthless tokens for our worthless lives……
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent….

  23. I really love your work! You shouldn’t be banned because of what of your opinion. 🙁 But your podcast surely keeps us updated!

  24. I definitely agree. Thanks for your thoughts. Even though I’m relatively young, I can’t imagine what I would tell my kids, if I ever had any.

  25. Many thanks for your podcast Lee, absolute gold!

    The worlds elite have given up on hiding things because too many people couldn’t care less. Apathy is our greatest enemy at the moment. I dispair at what my kids will inherit from us! In stead of the posters asking ‘daddy, what did you do during the war?’ it will be ‘Daddy, what did you do when a hand full of evil old men carved up the worlds wealth, dreams and potential, and kept it for themselves to keep their gonads soft and warm at night?’ Will I say ‘Well, I watched celebrities eat insects in a jungle in austrialia every night and obsessed over shallow reality tv stars as they blindly prostitute themselves for a promise of fame’ or will I be able to say that I did something to stop it, instead of being sedated by corporate media and the apathy it demands we prescribe to.

    Sorry for my rant on here. I’m a First time ‘poster’. Really love your stuff mate!

  26. Thanks so much. Glad to be your voice. Thanks for the support! Keep fighting against the endless line of bastards sucking up our future.

  27. Just found you through facebook. What you say so brashly, harshly, and “in your face” with your anger that I feel for the absolute STUPID who keep raising their voices en mass around me/us – I have wanted to scream to the world for decades! Thank you for being my public voice. Most of my generation is blind, but I hope you guys wake us up, rattle our comfort zones and we too get out and show solidarity.
    All the best and I’ll be following you – not in a scary stalker way..heh

  28. Yes, I will work on that. There’s many things on this site that need fixing. I’m trying to deal with them. Sorry for the pain in the ass.

  29. This is for !Rebel, sheer genius. Wear your ignorance with pride.

    When people suspect you are a fool, it is best to keep quiet, rather then open your mouth and remove all doubt 1Rebel.

  30. I enjoy your rants, they get to the point of what is really going on around us. I have been playing them for the sheeple, and some start to loose their zombie like gaze once exposed to the truth.

    They know its happening but they are so busy trying to screw others over just to maintain their life style, they can’t see the forrest for the trees.

    Thanks, keep on keeping on.

  31. Noticed your great work on the gnostic podcasts, you hit the nail on the head every time, just to let anyone else know, those crappy itunes podcast links have issues listening to under linux, I use rhytmbox to listen to music and podcast’s and needed to use to get it to work the link to work. Now there may be a better solution under linux but the following worked for me, , if you just add it as a podcast feed under Podcasts option.

  32. Lee,

    Do you have an RSS feed for your podcast? Zune uses that address to auto update new podcasts feeds.

  33. Great show, Lee. I agree with Dan’s opinion and would also like to hear what you have to say about it. Keep up the good fight!

  34. Lee, if you haven’t already, maybe a good topic to address for “Moment Of Clarity” would be free speech regarding comedy, and how special interest groups bully comedians into apologizing and pushing said groups’ agendas. It seems to me that private citizens have taken censorship into their own hands, and there are people that seem to make it their goal in life to be offended. Your POV could be a complete 180 from mine, but I would still enjoy your take. Thanks for your consideration.

    -Dan Dodge

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