URGENT: Congress Considering Bipartisan Bill To Make Political Activism A Felony! [VIDEO]

A new bill in front of Congress literally makes political activism highly illegal. It’s aimed at the BDS movement fighting for divestment from Israel. But it opens the door to just about any political speech and activism being called criminal. This is and INCREDIBLY dangerous bill and now is the time to act!

Redacted #157 – CNN Propaganda, Cops Are Addicts, Goldman Sachs Takes Over [VIDEO]

How To See Through The NY Times’ Propaganda

What You Aren’t Being Told About Hacking Voting Machines

Our voting machines are a joke. They’ve been easily hackable for years. But almost all of them are not connected to the internet. So that hacking and manipulation comes from Americans, not foreign countries. Yet our mainstream media can’t seem to figure this out. — Get free tickets to be in our live audience in…

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Has The U.S. Become A Rogue State??

In this web exclusive video, I ask whether the United States has become a rogue state. It is outside the global community on climate change, on nuclear treaties, on military empire, and on imprisoning its own citizens. So maybe it’s time we finally acknowledge that the US is a rogue state. — Get FREE tickets…

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