Redacted Tonight-Bringing Down the Statues, More Corporate Censorship, Bombing the Philippines

Lee Camp opens with being witness to the events Charlottesville, Virginia, and his personal connection to the Commonwealth–including the statue of the Confederate general of which he shares a first name. The people who argue that removing these statues means erasing history are the same people who refuse to acknowledge how these statues reinforces racism–both overt and systemic–that is still largely felt by people of color today. Next Lee moves into this week’s headlines that may have fallen through the cracks. Lee delivers the unsurprising news that our population has already used a year’s worth of the world’s resources and that the only reason Trump officials are unnerved about his willingness to coddle white supremacists subverts the systemic racism government policy is built upon. Lee then tries to infuse some good news — a Saudi royal family member wants to stop bombing Yemen. This sounds good on the surface, even if that means our mainstream media continues being willfully ignorant about the human rights crisis there our weapons helped create. Meanwhile our planet continues to boil, as July was recorded as not only hottest since 2016, but the hottest month on record. In the second half, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss Google-owned YouTube’s role in censoring the left AND the right by taking away ad revenue from videos they classify as too controversial a.k.a. any opinion that doesn’t have corporate influence. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani shows how our United States military seems to have a case of amnesia when it comes to bombing countries. Military leaders are mulling over whether or not to rain bombs on the Philippines to drive out militant forces, despite the fact already have twice in the span of a decade. And with a brutal, power-hungry dictator like Rodrigo Duterte at that country’s helm, the Trump administration officials are all but too happy to have a partner with equal thirst for bloodshed. All this and more on the latest Redacted Tonight.

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