MOC #277 – Why Are We Here?

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  1. OH, no…you canna no foola me Lee…Oh No you canna no foola me! Imma here for da thickenin gravy!! Dats right:”Where’s my thickenin gravy? Gah-damnsnit. Dahtsa right, ‘Mo’ thickenin gravy! Mo’ thickenin gravy!’. Uh-HUH!

  2. I knew that saving the Earth from ravenous war-profiteers and money mongers was what really mattered after hearing Dr. Helen Caldicott of Physicians for Social Responsibility (her book is Missile Envy) speak to the Cleveland City Club in 1984. She made our scalps crawl right off our heads with exact details of what would happen in the event of a nuclear war, the hair-trigger “first-strike” policy we were operating under at the time, and the “near misses” that had already happened. After that, I knew that protecting Earth was what my life was FOR.

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