Police Shoot Man 60 Times & Why Intelligent Life Is Not Out There Somewhere

  1. The out-of-control trigger-happy cops is probably the main reason I left living in America and never took up citizenship. Having visited 49 of 50 states over decades I think I might have a valid opinion.

  2. YES, I, too, am inspired by the current resurgence of the Union movement, decades overdue. It annoys me deeply that I have never been a member of a union, and I’m 100% convinced there are multiple jobs I’ve had where major problems like harrassment or just being fired without cause would never have happened, if I’d been in one. That said, it also currenlty annoys me intensely when my home care CLIENTS will go on and on and on about union abuses (like each person on a road work team having a single specific job, like, putting up cones, and they’ll stand there for the rest of the day doing NOTHING) when most of what I see is NON-NON-STOP abuse of workers by corporations and mad-dog “bosses”. I’m talking abot people with such terrible self-esteem the only way they can feel good about themselves is by treating other people like S***.

  3. They hit him with 60 of 90 bullets. Where did the other 30 bullets go. It looked like an apartment block that the victim was running toward. So much for public safety.

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