MOC #246 – Man Facing 13 Years For Drawing Anti-Bank Message In CHALK!

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  1. thank god for the good people on the jury that cleared the charges… i had a case recently and proved to the judge it should be dismissed.. he dismissed the charge(redlight ticket camera)… but he was very angry at not getting the $550 fine and thus he told me he refused to speak any legal opinions about my case.. because his seconds of time were too precious and i had not paid a fine.. judges can be so darn corrupted… who would think? govt harbors profound evils.. and our main hope is the good do outnumber the evil ones now… so love thy enemies with everything you’ve got.. it’s the only way.. don’t hate the liberals or conservatives for their ignorance… they’ve been bred up in pens for that very reason..

  2. Keep in mind that nothing was done about this complaint for many months. Darrell Freeman of BOA was the bully who pushed law enforcement to prosecute Olson. They kept putting him off hoping he would go away but he was determined that this heinous criminal would pay for his crimes.

    He is also the man who confronted Olson on the street in front of the bank and threatened to ruin Olson financially: ‘He told [Olson] that he could, “with one phone call,” get [Olson’s] credit union account canceled at California Coast.’ Which is absolute bullshit – BOA nor any other bank can force a credit union to close your account or do anything else with your money.

    Freeman is Vice President of Bank of America’s Global Corporate Security. Bet his annual salary is more money than we make in a lifetime.

    BOA also claimed that it cost over $6000 to “remove the graffiti.” My grandmother’s butt. Who did they get to remove the small chalk slogans and one drawing, a government contractor?? If they really paid such a ridiculous price to hose chalk off a sidewalk then I definitely don’t want them to handle my money.

  3. Lee, you make me laugh in a loud and irritatingly high-pitched way whenever you open your mouth for a few seconds. Keep doing it — I like the exercise. 🙂 Mwa.

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