MOC #287 – What George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing Match Says About America

  1. George Carlin had some good “bread-and-games” type modern entertainment ideas to entertain the American people, solve some US social problems nation wide, making profit by sponsoring and selling broadcasting rights.
    Some of you may know the part of Georges’ 1996 show I am going to refer to in this comment: The part is titled: “George Carlin: Balance our Budget Hunger Games Style (1996). Four groups that gotta go”. Unfortunately for all of us George roughly predicted this “Zimmerman entertainment boxing match scenario in 2014” already in 1996 in that part of his show then. See for yourself in case you do not know it, or saw it a long time ago but forgot what the point was. Laugh about the madness, enjoy beauty, stay sane.
    Here’s the YouTube link to that part of the 1996 George Carlin show I’m referring to.

  2. ya , you said it. Thank you again for articulating my feelings so well. It’s hard to live on the edge, so glad you are willing to make a lonely stand that helps us to look over the precipice and make clearer choices. Be well Keep living and keep fighting.

  3. The sickest, funniest MOC you’ve ever done, Lee. So we may at least have something in common with the ancient Romans if we let George Zimmerman go through with this idiocy. We’ll have to admit that we, like them, are also barbarians. Also, like them, we dress(ed) better, but that was about it. Except on casual Fridays… keep fighting.

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