MOC #259 – The Mind-Blowing Truth About War With Syria

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  1. Well said Dhavar. I agree – this is not War (even though I would personally like to live on a planet that out-grew even that kind of war so long ago that it literally couldn’t even remember the concept) – this theft, mendacity and vile hateful violent violation. It is a proposed shitty drive-by stop – one of many in a tour-de-force through the neighborhood of what used to be the cultural main-street of the planet Earth, now reduced to a terror-zone on the vile target sheet of a group of sleazy white men gone wild. It may not happen in my lifetime – or maybe it will – but gad-damn-it I will watch from my extra-dimensional post to see that these men are drawn out, exposed, tried and brought to justice for the hell and hate they have wrought upon us without consent.

  2. Some days everybody wakes up wanting to really fight to death with every livng thing, you know, not for any “gain”, but becuase you feel that incredibly strong urge to do it, even if it ruins your life. That exposes YOU in the first place, and has a fatalistic grandeur equal to the violence of the stars. That should be called “war”, as the old polynesians did, go to war because of boredom and the love of it.
    To make OTHER people to be slaughtered for your exclusive gain should not be called war, even if the aledged subject of said war was a deity call USA.
    Let us star naming these issues like: A few bunch of politicians and entrepeneurs want to make some american soldiers and civil and soldiers in X country to be slaughtered because they expect to gain …. (whatever)

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