BREAKING: Clinton’s Speeches To Big Banks LEAKED! (They’re As Bad As You Thought.)

bank_memeWhile most of the mainstream media talks about nothing but Donald Trump grabbing pussy (which is deplorable), they seem to have somehow missed the fact that a major leak FINALLY reveals some of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to big banks, which netted her $22 million in speaking fees. As you may recall there was a sustained call for Clinton to release these transcripts, and now that they’re here, CNN is disinterested for some reason. (Note the sarcasm.) Many said release of these speeches would end Hillary’s candidacy. The Intercept is reporting that Tony Carrk, research director for the Clinton campaign, sent portions of the transcripts to John Podesta with titles like “CLINTON ADMITS SHE IS OUT OF TOUCH,” “CLINTON SAYS YOU NEED TO HAVE A PRIVATE AND PUBLIC POSITION ON POLICY,” and “CLINTON REMARKS ARE PRO KEYSTONE AND PRO TRADE.”

In the speeches Clinton told the big banks that she is far removed from the life of an average American. Of course this is something she would never admit on the campaign trail. Clinton is a millionaire many times over and has been a member of the ruling elite for decades. She has no idea how the other 99.9% live and apparently she’s willing to say so to fellow multi-millionaires. She also told a group of Goldman Sachs bankers that they are the ones who should fix the economy because they are the ones who “know the industry better than anybody.”

In another leaked speech from 2013 Clinton praised a plan to raise corporate tax rates while raising the social security age. This of course fits nicely into the class war perpetrated by corporations against average Americans – the tax and work burden are increasingly shifted to those who have the least.

Clinton told another group that she has “a public and a private position.” In other words, she is saying she flat-out lies to the American people about her stances. We’ve seen this again and again on the campaign trail but never admitted in this way. She has claimed to be against the Trans-Pacific Partnership publicly but – as reported by David Sirota – when speaking toa Brazilian bank, she said “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Criticizing Hillary Clinton for being an out-of-touch, corrupt, secretive kleptocrat is in no way an endorsement of neo-fascist Donald Trump or Donald Trump’s grabbing, petting, or otherwise molesting of women’s pussies. For endless wall-to-wall coverage of Trump’s experiences, comments, and thoughts on pussies, please instead turn on CNN. Thank you.

Keep Fighting,

  1. Thank you Lee for staying on the ball with this. I’m in Australia, yet I’ve thrown what support I can offer (through social media) to Doctor Jill Stein of the Greens.

    Coincidentally I voted for the Greens here in Australia as well, because Australia faces a two-party stranglehold similar to what you guys have in America. And I’m hoping that within the next ten years the Australian Greens will have the power to tip at least the Liberal Nationals off the deep end.

    Where they belong.

    I wish you, and your country all the best for the coming election. It is my hope that the independent voters, as well as the disenfranchised Dem-Exit crowd, rip the rug out from under both major parties by bringing a third option to the fore. And I’m hoping that third option is the Greens.

    Ajamu’s responses during the VP debate were admirable.

  2. Good points, especially that she admitted to flat out lying to the masses…but doesn’t it mean something else based on who she admitted it to?

  3. On the bright side, even if this election cycle proves a wash, and we get some corporate backed thug, we’ve created a movement powerful enough and legitimized enough, that in the next four years we can cause all manner of hell for these pricks and pindicks. All Hail the Soft Revolution, motherfuckers!

  4. PSA: None of it matters. The lies, the filth. Our presidents are picked For us. Assholes that they are they serve the Owners of the planet with the single motive of enriching themselves and keeping those in power In Power.

  5. Haven’t you noticed that Trump is still providing the same cover he provided for Clinton during the Dem Primaries. The media should be focused on the Wikileaks releases instead of the latest Trump scandal. Meanwhile Donald continues to play golf with his buddy Bill Clinton and no one seems to notice.

  6. If these had only been leaked during the democratic Primary, no amount of vote theft and colllusion between Wasserman-Schultz’ corrupt DNC and their lapdog media could have prevented Bernie Sanders from cleaning Hillary Clinton’s clock.

    It’s not too late for Hillary and the Donald to BOTH step down and call a mulligan this election.

  7. Alas, the power grab that has surrounded ‘$hillary & Billary’s House of Cards’ is finally falling down. What perfect timing for a long oerdue arrest to follow that ends in Federal lockup! Oh, happy day! Then, maybe BERNIE SANDERS can finally resume his stolen presidency, and the massive election fraud that $hillary’s new BFF, ‘O-BOMB-A,’ refuses to prosecute!

    Like I always say: The future (and karma), always have a peculiar way of arriving—UNANNOUNCED!

  8. Man what a show the Clinton Titanic and as the Trump Turns. This is better the House of Cards if it wasn’t true. People need to wake up both candidates are unqualified to run this country many times over. The only candidate that cares about People, Planet and Peace over Profit is Dr. Jill Stein.

  9. Lee you and young turks and full frontal, seem to be making headway in the news industry. While the conventional news, faux, cnnnnnnnn, n others are now just rich people s entertainment. I want to thank you. I hope you and the other 2 real news outlets get more real news, and should hold a president debate . You go a long way to prove what we know. Please have a great day

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