Maryland Candidate For Senate Taken Away By Police For The Outrageous Crime Of Trying To Debate Her Opponents

flowers_meme File this under “Things You Won’t Hear From Your Mainstream Corporate Media.” Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate Dr. Margaret Flowers tried to debate her opponents at the only senatorial debate in Maryland. Both of her opponents were fine with adding her to the debate – One of them even said, “Let’s get her a podium.” Despite that, CBS Baltimore and the University of Baltimore had police promptly take her away. I interviewed Flowers recently on Redacted Tonight. You can watch that HERE. This is the continued cracking down of outside ideas in the national dialogue. If you are not part of the two-party corporate oligarchy, then your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are not welcome on the debate stage or on our national corporate media. Presidential candidate Jill Stein was not welcome at the presidential debates and in 2012 was even arrested and chained to a chair for 8 hours because she tried to attend.

In a statement about being kicked out of the senatorial debate, Dr. Margaret Flowers said, “My exclusion means the voters will not know what I stand for and how I compare to the other candidates. While I have obvious differences with Republican views, I also have significant differences with Van Hollen. I am one of only twelve congressional candidates in the nation certified as a clean money candidate while Van Hollen has raised millions of dollars from big business lobbyists on K Street including from the fracking industry, weapons makers and big banks.”

I am proud to say that Flowers is referring to the non-partisan, non-profit organization I helped start –

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