“ELECTION 2012: The Results (with Cursing)” – MOC #184

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  1. Mister Camp, I have been watching you since MOC # 14 or so, [ I also went back and watched the older ones lol ] I once called you the new Bill Hicks, well kinda [maybe you should do more shrooms ­čśŤ ] kidding,, not really.. Anyway, I understand you have only so much time to do teh MOC shows as you are actually working more now [AweSome btw] so have you thought of doing a weekly 30 min show, perhaps with a guest to rip up or to conspire with? lol.. Anyways I do have some formed ideas if you’d want to hear them drop me a letter or e-mail. I live on SaltSpring ISland , BC Canada and can arrange a show here with some interesting guests as this island is full of awesome people. well..mostly… from the leader of tehe Canadian Green Party to Phil collins ex wife..really.. and everywhere in the range between. I am a film maker of sorts and have credits on a few major films and shows.. ciao for now, Keep up the good fight!

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