MOC #248 – Really? Advertisements To Be Projected Into Our Heads?

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  1. There’s an interesting interview with Dr. Nick Begich, a former scientist working on the HAARP research project as well as the writer of “Angels don’t play this HAARP” and “Controlling the Human Mind: The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance “.

    Yes I’m aware HAARP has a lot of incredibly out there’s conspiracies associated with it and yes some of them are likely wrong. But at the same time a lot of them are quite plausible especially if you’re someone like me who understands the physics and math behind such ideas.

    One interesting tidbit he mentions was that they stumbled upon an accidental phenomenon while developing a type of ground penetrating radar. It used very low frequency, low energy waves to image down about 10KM. But these waves also happened to be on the same frequency level as certain human brainwaves, Delta waves I think it was. And the body would react to these waves as if they were actual internal delta brainwaves.

    It’s a phenomenon known as a Frequency “Following Response” which can be produced in many different ways, sound or light pulses as well as EMF. Which can be used for literal mind control, creating hallucinations of all types, creating false memories and implanting them in a person. Even imaging the brains activity and then “reading” it, a technological form of telepathy. This isn’t just a potentiality its an eventuality. You put enough time and effort into figuring out all the nooks and crannies of the FFR response and yes its far from science fiction to believe you could do anything with it.

    It works because the brain and body sends and receives ALL of its information through its own internal sensor network. Which means that there’s no way for it to know that one signal is external while another is internal. If the internal sensors pick it up its going to be treated the same way as if it came from the inside.

    This thing with bone conductivity is almost certainly just the declassified, cleared for commercial use version of this same research. In fact its briefly mentioned in the broadcast.

    Ironically it really only works on people who are COMPLETELY unaware of it. The moment you become aware that there is this possibility that external signals can affect your internal processing you’ve already taken a massive first step in making yourself immune to it. You’ve now implicitly told your body to be more careful and analytical about the signals it sends and receives, meaning that it now has the basis to check for read errors. If one occurs the body is more likely to interpret that as data corruption and resend the original signal rather than just go with whatever shows up.

    Therefore its in these peoples best interest to portray anyone who believes this stuff is possible as crazy lunatics who believe there’s shapeshifting reptilian aliens everywhere. Thus keeping most people in the dark, thus keeping them unaware, thus keeping them at peak susceptibility. Surprise surprise this is exactly what you see across the board with the truth movements, even for people like Lee. Go figure huh?

    The higher the guard on the vault the more valuable the treasure it holds.

    This is a phenomenon related to something you may have heard about lately about some people being “Electrosensitive”. Being in a high EMF environment (such as corporate scale wifi or near several cell towers, etc or in my case a simple alarm clock being plugged in) causing symptoms like nausea and headaches. I consider the treatments to be roughly the same.

    It all works because of the brain and bodies awesome plasticity, able to rebuild itself entirely from the cellular level to adapt to any and all situations. An ability that becomes super enhanced once you realize its there. It’s like an operating system. You only see the desktop and the mouse. You don’t see all the backend processing that’s going on to let you see the desktop and the mouse. And why would you need to? That’s way too much information to deal with second by second. But if you’re tech savvy enough you could hack into that operating system and change things so that it runs the way YOU want it to, not the way Microsoft wants it to, or some Linux programmer wants it to.

    The mind control aspect of this starts at 36:50

    Corbett Report Radio 080 – HAARP, Earthquakes and Mind Control with Dr. Nick Begich

    Everything has a limit and a weakness. There is no such thing as immortal or invincible. And if you cannot surpass, you bypass.

  2. Lee, I was just thinking about my dream house out in the woods overlooking my private stocked pond, surrounded by majestic trees and wildlife… and then I heard a State Farm Insurance jingle. Turns out they’re like a good neighbor. Or something.

    Listen, I’m just as likely to get an earworm from the Jeopardy theme song as any corporate jingle, and god knows my addled, skid-mark-riddled brain can’t tell the difference between my own thoughts and the Muzak in the car repair lobby…

    We’re already (!) bombarded with more useless, unrelated shit than any generation in history. Tried to watch a sporting event on television lately? The wide screen TV we’ve purchased has most of its pixels devoted to a steady scroll of score updates across the bottom of the screen, while pop-up boxes inform us of breaking news of this player’s contract negotiations or that player’s drug arrest.
    And somewhere toward the middle of the screen I just missed the field goal that beat the spread and cost me a round of drinks at the bar.

  3. It all depends on how you do it, what you do it with, and where you do it. A straight up ground assault would easily and legitimately be spun into some terroristic crusade that clearly warrants total martial law. It would also be incredibly stupid and anyone dumb enough to try one deserved their fate anyways. Subtle surgical attacks against infrastructure that destabilizes the ground the organizations require to stand on on the other hand is a lot harder to pin down, prevent, and even notice in the first place if done correctly. And hey they don’t even need to be done by people on the streets with guns and in fact shouldn’t be if the people themselves are smart. Although such tactics shouldn’t be thrown off the table because of someones moral high horse.

    Guerrilla warfare is the art of killing an elephant with a single papercut. It’s not the cut that kills them but the infection that slowly but surely eats them alive from the inside.

    People tend to be more willing to switch to alternative systems when their current system is having continual, unforeseen “difficulties” operating at peak levels. All they really want is something that works the best for the lowest cost. Cost doesn’t necessarily need to be money either, it could be time, effort, complexity, etc. Just don’t bank on peoples morals being a driving force or you’ll be highly disappointed. Over time the establishment is starved to death as their system is viewed as less efficient and equitable.

    Up and coming systems, technologies, cultures, etc are protected from the establishment backlash while old obsolete ones are hampered and disrupted. A tandem approach of demolition and then reconstruction cycling over and over and over until the elephant just falls over dead.

    This tandem approach is necessary to establish clear definitions between sides. As the current establishment dies it will reveal who was going along with it for their own safety and livelihoods and who had genuine vested interests in keeping it going. Supposedly crooked cops, politicians, judges, regulators, lawyers, etc will jump ship when they find out there’s no more benefit in supporting the old system and that should help shatter the false “good vs evil” paradigm a bit.

    Those that remain will likely become incredibly violent and totalitarian in an attempt to retain control. Banking on people reacting like scared animals and valuing their lives over everything else. This is a very sociopathic and narcissistic tactic which is what you would expect from people who have very little understanding of empathy, Theory of Mind, and other things they’d likely be psycho-socially deficient in due to their mental conditions.

    Ironically this would be their undoing as they’d have no more goody two shoes apologist masks to hide behind afterwards. The old guard would be dead soon after both metaphorically and likely literally.


    Establishment strengths:
    Subtle changes are difficult to detect.
    Plausible deniability makes would be opponents turn on each other over minor disagreements and general semantics.
    Current monopoly over resources and technologies.
    Not bound by subjective morals such as pacifism, honour, or fairness
    Culture is bound by subjective morals such as pacifism, honour, and fairness

    Establishment weaknesses:
    Changes take long periods of time to incubate and mature And thus are vulnerable to sudden shocks or revelations.
    Plausible deniability relies heavily on irrationality, feelings, vagueness, and normalization rather than evidence, logic, probable cause, or motive. Highly vulnerable to calm public analysis and refutations.
    Usage of resources and technologies is highly inefficient due to being mostly geared towards increasing profit and maintaining power monopoly. Has opened up various security holes as a result.

    Difference between this model and the current Activist model:
    Activism has no demolition aspect, provides establishment too much time, resources, et al to adapt to tactics.
    Activists pacifist ideals provides establishment ability to demolish new systems with relative impunity.
    Activist focus on subjective morality ignores the stronger biologically programmed focus towards survival.

    Estimated minimum timeframe for full turnover under ideal conditions:
    5-8 years

    Oh and I am also Canadian. Although that really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

  4. Most likely because I live in Canada and there are better ways to deal with the ill [the greedy overlords], you see If I kill them they just become stronger and i do not want that to happen. Remeber obiwan Kenobi’s death? well there you go.

  5. So…. how are you guys not in an open para-military revolt again? Because it really seems like you should be in an open para-miltary revolt.

  6. oops forgot three…

    “Comedians and jazz musicians have been more comforting and enlightening to me than preachers or politicians or philosophers or poets or painters or novelists of my time. Historians in the future, in my opinion, will congratulate us on very little other than our clowning and our jazz.”
    – Kurt Vonnegut

    “Electronic communities build nothing. You wind up with nothing. We are dancing animals. How beautiful it is to get up and go out and do something. We are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.”
    – Kurt Vonnegut

    “The Great Depression was going on, so that the station and the streets teemed with homeless people, just as they do today. The newspapers were full of stories of worker layoffs and farm foreclosures and bank failures, just as they are today. All that has changed, in my opinion, is that, thanks to television, we can hide a Great Depression. We may even be hiding a Third World War.”
    – Kurt Vonnegut

  7. Thank you Lee, you are doing a great job, and getting better almost every day! Kepp Fighting.

    I’ll leave you with a good quote sir, although I prefer changeing the word passive with Massive.. 🙂

    “His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.”
    – Kurt Vonnegut,

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