URGENT: Congress Considering Bipartisan Bill To Make Political Activism A Felony! [VIDEO]

A new bill in front of Congress literally makes political activism highly illegal. It’s aimed at the BDS movement fighting for divestment from Israel. But it opens the door to just about any political speech and activism being called criminal. This is and INCREDIBLY dangerous bill and now is the time to act!

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  1. Thank you again for your wonderful reporting on the real news. Re: your exhortation “now is the time to act!” I am afraid that it is too late to “change the system from within” and we need a true re*olution. The system is too rotten and too far gone. Writing to your congress-person is useless at best and triggers security agencies at worst. Those of us who can, need to get out of Dodge. Cant fight what is inevitable. Must leave.

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