The Special Election In Georgia Was Stolen From Jon Ossoff And Here’s How

June 21, 2017 by Lee Camp
The special election in Georgia yesterday was stolen.
The Democrats are officially Charlie Brown. Every election – every special election, every mid-term election, every general election, and every election for town dogcatcher – every election that is even remotely close, they think they can pull it out. They think if they just pump enough money into it, they can kick that football. They look in Lucy’s eyes and they say, “This time, I’m gonna kick that fucking football.” And every time the Republicans steal it from them. They yank the football away and watch the Democrats fall on their ass. Then the Democrats go back into their corner and come up with the conclusion that if Bernie Sanders weren’t a goddamn socialist, they would’ve won the town dogcatcher race.
And I’m about to tell you how it’s stolen from them – and I do know how. But first I have to ask – Is dogcatcher still a thing? Is that a job? And if so, is it an elected official? Was it EVER an elected official? Did they campaign to the dogs or the citizens? And if it’s not still a job, then what happened to all the dogcatchers? Or more importantly the wild dogs? …I kind of wish there were still wild dogs. That would keep things exciting and probably get people moving a little faster on the subway escalators.
Anyway, Jon Ossoff – the Democrat favored to win the Georgia special election – had the election stolen from him in the same way Republicans steal most elections. It has been well documented by investigative journalist Greg Palast in the pages of Rolling Stone and elsewhere, and yet you’ll hardly hear a peep about it on the mainstream media. (You’ll hear more on cable news about fake words Trump tweets than you’ll hear about the following real words: Election Fraud.)
And by the way, I want to make clear I’m not a huge fan of Jon Ossoff. He seems to share a lot of neo-liberal ideas that are crushing people’s lives and making it exceedingly difficult to watch a happy polar bear in the wild. But just because I don’t LOVE Ossoff doesn’t mean I don’t want legit elections. We no longer have a democracy or a republic – we have corporate totalitarianism with a hint of fascism and a sprinkle of bad reality TV (that’s not really reality, nor, one could argue, even TV).
Ossoff’s election was stolen from him by making it very hard, if not impossible, for people of color to vote. As Palast has documented, this was done with a combination of neo-Jim Crow laws, closed polling places, gerrymandering, and Interstate Crosscheck. Crosscheck alone knocked millions off the rolls in the last presidential election. And in fact Palast was assaulted when he tried to question Ossoff’s opponent about these issues. Yet, for some reason, the Democrats continue to think they’ve got a shot in hell of winning these elections. They don’t.
And again, I’m no fan of the Democrats. (I support them about as much as I support tiny tot football – which is to say “not at all but if it HAS to happen, it should be the ones who already have brain damage who participate.”)
I can only surmise that the reason the Democrats don’t scream bloody murder about election fraud is that they want to continue to have an illegitimate system in which they can rig the primaries – as they did with Bernie Sanders. But jesus, what does rigging the primaries matter if you get pounded in the general?? If the Democrats don’t stand up for legit elections, they will spend most of the coming years staring up at the clouds and rubbing their ass.
Keep Fighting,
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  1. Thank you for this redacted. Most people dont realize that the U.S. legal system is FUBARed in so many ways via procedural law and regulations, in a transparent manner that is way difficult to understand unless you are a lawyer working in the particular field affected, or spend serious time to understand. Even in patent law (my field), the globalists have changed the procedural rules in many ways to screw the small American inventor. Many lawyers even in my field often dont know how the rights have been lost until you point out the procedural law changes to them, because of the subtle yet profound changes in procedure. The entire legal system is riddled with this kind of procedural crap. This is the real reason why we need a revolution and to start over.

  2. As I’ve said before, everything you report on rocks the truth.

    Fight on, friend. Be strong.

    The number of your supporters grows geometrically.

  3. Yes, breath of Fresh air. Lee, just ignore the trolls and reality deniers. I’m sharing this! Good work!

  4. I don’t think the problem, will ever be solved untill, we have fare elections with at least four or five legitimate parties partisapating. The two party system is almost a dictatorship, wait No it actually is a dictatorship! There is one ruling party, pretending to be two separate parties.

  5. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been doing alt media since 04. Very ineffectively for the most part, even with people I know. Now I just make them watch one episode of your show and they come back or call me the next day for a link and to remind them who you are. It works. It is working. Thank you.

  6. the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in 2013. It has been suggested 2014 that we ammend the VRA so there is no racial / class discrimination. Hasn’t happened yet. What the Supreme Court 2013 by gutting the VRA 1965, was it allowed Arizona during the 2016 primaries to have ONLY #60 polls open – creating 12 hour long waiting lines [from #400 polls 2008, decreased to #200 polls 2012, and all the way to a mere #60 polls for the 2016 Primaries] … we fix the problem by ammending the VRA so it is no longer discriminatory! This is how we reverse what was done 2013.

  7. I think the reason the establishment Dems won’t touch this issue is that they want to keep the campaign money flowing. Win or lose, the more money they bring in, the more they can take out in consulting fees and expenses. But people will stop funding them if they figure out that the fix is in.

  8. You don’t understand what Interstate Crosscheck is. You can have an ID and still be kicked off the rolls. It’s absolutely stealing an election.

  9. That’s not stealing an election, just because people refuse to get an ID to be able to vote.

  10. LOL they deserve to lose for all the stupid shit they pull. And I’m a CA Democrat who found out that yesterday my State Assembly decided to allocate $50 mil to protecting illegal immigrants from Immigration officials. MY FUCKING MONEY, not charity, money the force me to pay in taxes, used to protect illegal immigrants, while Americans can’t get a living wage because employers are able to underpay them with what is essentially semi-slave labor.

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