Common Censored #33 – Amazon Pillaging, Immigrant Terrorvan, Protest Petri Dish, Anger Management

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  1. Hey!
    nice episode.

    ok firstly – amazon can go fuck itself with rusty dildo. Slowly. Whilst lady gaga sings the star spangled banner wearing a trump mask…..

    Secondly, you might be interested that extinction Rebellion are continuing. from wednesday (21) to friday(23) is the swarm. thought you might be interested seeing as you mentioned it

    keep fighting,dudes!

  2. Rob, go back and look at what Reality Winner actually leaked. It showed that a supposed Russian scanned publicly viewable websites. It was nothing. She’s in jail for leaking but not because it really revealed anything. They imprisoned her to set an example for other leakers.

  3. Hi. I like your comedy and podcast. I’m agree with almost everything that comes out of your mouth. Except for one thing. I believe there was collusion with Russia over the 2016 election. If there was no collusion, then why is Reality Winner in jail? Please address this on your next podcast. Maybe I’m missing something.

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