UPDATE: New Proof The Polls Are LIES And Third Party Candidates Should Be In The Debates!

polls_memeIn order to get into the Presidential debates, the third party candidates need to be polling at 15% (because of a rule the biased Commission of Presidential Debates came up with). So you may recall that I recently broke down how the polls are manipulated in order to MAKE SURE third parties are kept out of the debates. The Commission is run by the two corporate parties (mostly Hillary’s people) and therefore is working very hard to keep third parties out. You can watch my segment by clicking HERE. I pointed out major flaws in the polling – for example CNN polls ZERO 18 to 34 year-olds!! And now a journalist named John Larits has put together a more detailed breakdown of just how WRONG the polls are. It’s a good read. And isn’t it amazing you won’t hear a word from our corporate mainstream media about the flaws in the polling? Don’t they claim they want the truth??

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  1. Dear Lady Liberty we are sorry for keeping your image in our media our Bay and so on if we depicted you truly as we have treated you and our Democracy you would be balling your eyes out with your head between your knees . Our country has been stolen by a handful of corporate pussies and we are too ignorant lazy hateful in denial or just plain scared to stop them.Don’t be fooled your silence hate acceptance or denial isn’t going to allow you to keep the comforts you may have left it will weaken the handful of US willing to stand in the corrupts way as they strip you for your property your rights and treat you like a fucking mushroom fed on crap and kept in the dark.. They will rig our elections exploit the weak abandon the needy and corrupt the young. Slump and Shillary are criminals murderers and thieves nothing more they deserve prison poverty and or death for their crimes. Screw them their dumb lame supporters and the scum that profit by them . Oh and to the Poor Poet your feathered pin would serve you and US best if it were in you eye or up your ass. THINK FOR YOUR SELF AND BE COURAGEOUS.

  2. The Poor Poet, get the hell out of this comment box and return to Correct the Record’s skeleton closet from which you came. Everybody knows that both that shill and that trump monster are two sides of the same coin and both will bring irreversible disaster to the country for decades to come. Your extortionist logic doesn’t do anything but show how much you are willing to enable domestic terrorism for the sake of power and money.

  3. This is the truth and this why People should never believe the fake polls!


    #JillNotHill #ItsInOurHands #Jill2016 #SteinBaraka #GPUS #GREENS2016

  4. My soul was in anguish, my head was aching. I loved what Jill Stein was saying, I knew that she was the one not only that I wanted to be president, but someone who I saw as the only candidate that wasn’t a shameless liar and puppet of organized crime. I wanted to vote for Jill SO BAD but I knew what my moral duty was…I had to vote for Hillary, despite her track record of State Department disasters all over the world, her dishonesty, the huge sums of money she was getting from dishonest corporate interests and dictators, and on and on, but I knew that if I didn’t vote for Hillary, Trump would win and it would be all my fault. So I went to the polls, trying to choke back the tears, and cast my vote for Hillary.

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