Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Protesters With DOGS & PEPPER SPRAY!

You’ve probably heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests that are currently going on in North Dakota in order to stop a multi-billion dollar oil pipeline from destroying the land and water in and around Standing Rock Reservation. An oil spill from that pipeline could taint the only water source of millions of people. I covered the protests a couple weeks ago on Redacted Tonight. Well, this past weekend private security for the pipeline company ASSAULTED protesters with pepper spray and ATTACK DOGS! In this video from Democracy Now, you can see it happen, as well as the bites protesters received and blood in the dogs’ mouths. Ultimately the protesters stood their ground – causing the security team and the construction workers to leave, but not before many people were bitten and hit with pepper spray. One other interesting note – There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of police present on most days in order to “protect” the pipeline from the protesters. (That’s right – our police are now defending inanimate corporate objects AGAINST the citizens who pay their salaries.) However, you’ll notice in the video that there were no police around during the dog attacks.

It appears you can donate to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their effort to stop the pipeline HEREScreen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.00.53 AM

  1. The mainstream coverage of this story has been appalling. Most of the headlines say things like “Violence escalates” as if it’s equal on both sides. It would be like someone being mugged in Central Park and the headline reads “Violence escalates between wallet seekers and angry park walkers.” The story would go on to talk about some claiming an ancestral right to keep their wallets.

    Lee, please continue to rant and allow your hair to catch on fire when discussing the MSM. It’s the only thing keeping me sane, my friend!

  2. Despicable baheaviour by the police yet again. What happened to the ince proud nation where ‘The Land If The Free And The Brave’ made us believe in liberty, equality and freedom of speech? Sinful. How low they have sunk. Bad enough that hey killed and stole land from the Nati e American people years ago. Now when they protest about something they have every right to object to, they get beaten and animals kicked in the face. Shame on you bunch of ‘yahoo’ o
    dangerous greedy evil bunch. Politics, greed and power. No concern or respect whatsoever for the earth, the people or the environment.

  3. aswesome support thak you @leecamp as it stands indie media/NewMedia the real 4th estate are the only Journalists who seem to give any voice to this USA atrocity or even give a fuck in general …again thank you

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