Podcast #96 – GMO’s plus interview with comedian Jimmy Dore

  1. Hey fuckhead, I want to become a member of your podcast, but your web site is so shitty I can’t figure out how the fuck to do it. I’d like to put you on my list of liberal welfare queens along with fat ass Jenk Yugar and Lee Tomlinson and those commies at FFRF. Only because you lured me in with the free comedy album offer do I still have the patience to give you a chance to reel me in. So send me an E-mail and I’ll sign up for your shit!

  2. ….i don’t think he’s really scared,but rather presenting the OWS protesters as dangerous element,low-down criminal class…robbing,raping&pillaging..Turn the boy/girl next door into lurking subhumans that make the subways an unsafe place..So whatyado with this menacing mob.?.clean-up,call in the riot police,swat teams,the national-fucking-guard..!!..how’s that song go-yeah kris kristopherson-“the law is for the protection of the people;rules are rules,as any fool can see;we don’t need no hairy headed hippies,scaring decent folk like you&me;..i can’t remember the title,longtime ago,probably kent state stuff ..ironic country song,pointing out bullshit labels applied by true crimminal class-the ruling class….unusual for country song,but not for kris kristopherson…i’m sure you have listened to utah phillips.?. the late,great American hero…well enough for one nite..I appreciate the site and your rants,i read them just about totally in reverse order and worked for me..Thank you.!

  3. I’m grateful that I donate to you Lee Camp because I can always feel secure knowing that my investment is being wisely spent to further your illustrious soccer career. Engaging interview but I was also listening for a pencil being dragged on a washboard or a flapping piece of aluminum in the background. Might I also suggest you take a stab at a spoken word album called Ironic Detachment?

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