Podcast #88 – Interview with rapper Devilz Speciez and more

  1. Hey Tom,
    I live in NYC. Hope you make it down here sometime soon. I perform live a lot here. Anyway, if I do make it back to Canada, I will definitely look you up. Thanks for all the kind words!


  2. shit..we live 80 miles south of ottawa,great little city,very nice people..do some more shows in canadas capital and we’ll bring a busload of fans from potsdam new york..fill the club and buy you guys&crew beers all nite-that’s a promise.!..they have good blues festival,a buskers convention,and a ja festival:all with good street action;outdoor stages with real grass seats and eager enterprising canadians,who are walk the streets without fear,whatwith their health care and guarateed pensions the level of comfort and unconcern is palpable..they are not scuttling scared citizens hurrying to a job they may not have next week.it makes such a difference on so many levels..having the biggest goddamned military as all the rest combined doesn’t put much of a swagger in your average man on the street,well maybe still in texas,where the oil&gas is still oozzing from the ground or at least they get to refine it and y’know dump a little here&there just for the smell and the feel of fresh spilled oil between yr toes,if ya bothered taking off yr $500 pair of endangered species leather cowboy boots and ya just might see geo bush out watching his guatemalan gardeners cutting the brush…oh well i seemed to have gone off my theme..oh yeah,c’mon back to canada..hey ask them about the “Black Sheep Inn”..it’s well outa town,but very cool outback scene(canadian’s : they are v peaceful AND POLITE, the rednecks and the biker gangs..hell,even the drug dealers are polite..) when you come again,we will pick-up the tab ….oh great stuff as always

  3. I really enjoyed your interview with Devilz Speciez. I started doing a Reggae podcast this year, even though I am working 2 jobs, 60 hours per week. My wife encouraged me to follow my creative outlet, because she knew how much I had enjoyed college radio in the 80’s and 90’s. Now my oldest son, age 23, is pursuing a writing career while working full-time at a grocery store. He works nights, and writes comic book reviews, blogs, short stories, and is working on some ideas for novels. It makes me so proud to see him following what he loves, not just following the almighty dollar. It sounds like both of you have the same mindset. Doing what you love, and believe in, is the best reward. Keep following the dream!

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