Podcast #115 & 116 – Double episode covering climate change, why Bush should be in jail in Peru, and more…

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  1. Love ya work,,,
    Science isn’t a belief system,,, you need to understand the science,,, religion is a belief system because God said so,,, Out of 1300 odd climate scientists 97% wrote papers in favour. Any climate scientists would say they are 100% and that comment kills the idiots,,, climate scientists provide information from the massive range of data.

    2011 climate scientists released a conservative projection of temp rise and that was 2 deg in X amount of time,,,,,,, in 2011,, ten years later the projection line is heading towards 6 deg.

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientists to work out this,,, humans produce 6 gigatons a year and nature provides 1 gigatons and we have & are fucking ripped down the things that corrected this problem,,,, trees

    I love discussing this issues because I have researched the facts and I understand what Climate Science is about,,, rock on Lee,,,, this aren’t no shit.

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