Podcast #294 – Will walls stop Tornadoes and why is John investing in Pitchforks? [Click to listen]

Is Earth f**ked? Are you smarter than a teenager? Does a higher minimum wage lead to job growth? Should corporations be able to impose their religions on people? Does fracking cause earthquakes? Could a member of Congress have blown the whistle on the NSA? Does anyone actually read the episode description?

  1. John. Quit it with the ‘gross vagina’ comments. Really. This is the first MOC that I’ve turned off. Lee: Thank you for trying to save it with the ‘river of evil’ sperm aside. Unfortunately, it still went far too far.

  2. You guys are really hitting your stride, both on the show and in the podcast! It gets better every week, you guys are a blast to listen to! 😀

  3. J. FOD, I love your enthusiasm. I have a just a few comments that I hope you will take in the spirit in which they are intended.

    1) Let Lee control the pace of the show. He’s been doing this a long time and he’s really good at it.

    2) You appear to be intentionally sounding like you are either drunk or high or both. It’s obvious you are smart guy. Own it. I’m reminded of brainy girls in high-school who pretended to sound dumb so the boys will like them.

    3) Context is key. Vulgarity undoubtedly has its place. The Moment of Clarity podcast is something intellectually curious folks listen to on their commutes, and if they are brave (and somewhat negligent) on road trips with their kids. I’m not saying don’t curse, but some of the vulgar imagery is a little stomach-churning before that first cup of coffee.

    You’re doing great work. Keep it up. These are just a few ruminations from one fan.


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