Podcast #81 – Peter Joseph Interview (Creator of Zeitgeist Movement)

  1. Personally, I Think that Ralph Estes Tyranny Of The Bottom Line Classic Book, Along With His Web Sites Are The Most Economically Scary Sociological Hidden Numbers Rip Off Scheme Insanity, Which Makes The Recent Wall Street Debacle Look Like A Small Time Robbery. When One Finally Realizes That 3.5 Trillion Dollars Is Being Stolen Each Year By Ever Pirating Corporate Criminal Trick Imaginable, And That No One Ever Talks About It Seriously Or In Totality, It Make You Realize Everything Is Doomed. And That Rabid Vampirism Is The Only Thing To Hope For.

  2. “Pouring water on gremlins” lol! If it only ads more fuel to the fire, let them keep pouring! Of-course it would be a beautiful thing if the water pourers wake up in the process! We can still dream can’t we?

  3. thanks for a great interview Lee Camp, 1st time i’ve run into you. will have to keep my eyeballs peeled , huh? ­čśŤ

  4. I wouldn’t fully agree that people weren’t open to the idea of a resourced base economy…to me it’s just that the way Peter Joseph’s ability to articulate the dialogue in such a manner that flows and is coherent without ego getting in the way. He is certainly here for a reason…as you are Lee.

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