MOC #272 – Scientific Models Now Showing Revolt Is Our Only Chance?

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  1. Better late than never:
    The moments the vast majority of the AMERICAN people were screwed were the following:

    A)1981 and the #1 scumbag R.R. fired the air-traffic controllers…all of ’em!
    B)1994 when the #1 slipperry scummabag B.C. ,signed the NAFTA accords while he was a waiter at the DuPont family compound! True to form the slipperry one was told “Yo, Willie, if you don’t stop pinching the waitress’s asses and sign that fuckin paper we are gonna drive YOU thru Dealy Plaza.”….need I say more?
    C)the 2000 election was stolen and a year later 3 bldgs in NYC were ugh…u kno!
    D)The Patriot act was signed and the Glass-Steigel act was repealed!

    There you have it, a little late, but true…and Russ Brand is an Idjit, should tell us something we do not know. Like when it starts and HOW.

  2. Lee, you forgot to mention that there is one perfect solution for solving “the money destroying resource problem,” which could obliterate our economy for a long time. Simple destroy half the world with nukes or bio’s, etc.
    Then after most of the world is destroyed, blame it on the wrong party for starting the war (like 9/11 was, and was probable a dress rehearsal for this idea.) Then, use the 900 military bases around the world with secret nuclear weapons hidden (like Israel has from us) along with our nuclear subs and space nuclear weapons, (like I’m sure we and Russia have) to take over all the resources of the planet. Just like our country covertly does now one or two pieces at a time! Problem solved, since the incredible distractions from all of this insanity will allow the perpetrators to get away with mass murder (just like 9/11 injustices got away with.) Or, just like what happened in the movie 2012, or the ending of Dr. Strangelove. The perpetrators can use the movie fail safe as the perfect excuse of an accident that got outta control, or a madman that went banana’s and mistakes happened… Even the Roman Empire could never accomplish a plan like this? Of course, this or any variation of this could never happen?

  3. Jesus, Lee!
    I’m a security guard and when I make my rounds at 3 am I listen to your rants on my Ipod. I frequently have to stop and hold on to something, a chair, table, something while I laugh uncontrollably for 10 or 20 seconds. You’re killin’ me, Lee, but it’s for a good cause. Please don’t ever stop.

    Your 4th biggest fan ( I’m guessing),

  4. During part of your discussion, I had to look carefully to see if you’d been a former student. I’ve said a number of these things in my courses for the past decade – some of them practically verbatim.

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