MOC #10 – A Glass Of Milk Proves Capitalism Wrong

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  1. Yes, I’ve heard this argument before. But those who study it more start to realize that crony capitalism IS capitalism. There will never be capitalism without “cronies.” And yes, there are strong social safety nets in several European countries but seeing as capitalism’s “gravity” is towards ripping those down, those will slowly be eroded. All capitalism ends in massive inequality and planetary destruction.

  2. Lee, I completely agree with you that capitalism is harsh – it doesn’t care about anything but profits. However, a true capitalist would argue that the system that exists now isn’t capitalism, and I’d agree – it’s more of what they call crony capitalism, a breed of it that naturally occurs after capitalism has run out of places to make money in a sustainable way. We are currently unsustainable. We could regress to when it was straight capitalism, but that would be harsh, or we could progress to something more like Western European countries where there is a strong social safety net and high standard of living, which would be nice to see in the USA – or we could go all out and be straight socialists. Either of the last two would be better than the course we are on.

  3. Once again, not only do you diss my daily latte, you promote ideas that are only believed by the evil PRC. Just 40 years ago, 700 million Chinese did not have enough to eat or decent housing. Obviously, a good situation. But what did the evil PRC government do? They worked very hard to improve the fertility of the land, they electrified the PRC and have machines doing most of the farm work.
    Today, everyone in the PRC has enough to eat and a decent home. What could be more evil that that? I’ll tell you.
    The Chinese needed oxen to help with the intense farm labour, so they bred oxen that did a lot of work and required very little feed, so those oxen had very little meat or milk. Since there was no milk available, the PRC said Chinese were all lactose intolerant, and that’s why there was no milk in the PRC. That was then.
    Now, China bought LOTS of US and EU cattle that produce LOTS of milk and meat. Many of those lactose intolerant Chinese drink several glasses of milk every day. (Western scientists proved that only Europeans can digest lactose, so all those non-Europeans, like the Indians and Chinese, are lactose intolerant and can never drink any milk as adults. Great work, those Western scientists.)
    And now, no one in the PRC is hungry or lacks decent housing (most have A/C).
    What could possibly be more evil that that???
    I’m glad Biden has promised to force regime change in Russia and China. This is a great change that has been badly needed for years, and Trump was the worst president ever for not doing the job of the American president, which is spreading freedom and democracy to all those dictatorships that refuse to do just what the US tells them to do.

  4. So delighted you talk about this. Always good to hear the topics you take on that get little or no coverage. Factory farming is certainly one and the subsidizing of big ag by taxpayers! And the waste after the animals have been sacrificed! Empathy and humor. Thank you!!

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