“Is The U.S. Being Sold For Parts?” – M.O.C. #142

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  1. Americas and the worlds resources are being stripped by multinational corporations, its a huge problem. Another problem right now is the loss of rights by workers and citizens. In Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is overthrowing elected Mayors and officials, only to appoint his crony capitalist friends as “Emergency Managers” to take control. This means that all public land becomes private, including parks, schools, transportation, industry, even the streets; and the “Emergency Maager” can do as he/she see’s fit.
    In Benton Harbor this has already been abused by a public park turned private golf course and their are plenty more examples too.
    Now Gov. Snyder wants to take over Detroit. We must stop him. Help bring awareness to this cause.

  2. Do you really expect us to believe America is being sold off? C’mon, man . . . .


    “The largest Chinese takeover of an American company in history was just announced.

    AMC Entertainment Holdings, which had filed plans for an IPO, will instead be sold to the Dalian Wanda Group out of China for $2.6 billion. What a relief for the private equity owners who wanted to unload AMC after buying the chain in 2004.

    The Dalian Wanda Group, more informally known as Wanda, will now create the world’s biggest movie theater operator after absorbing AMC and its 346 cinemas in North America. Wanda wants to continue to expand AMC, and said it will invest some $500 million into AMC’s development in the future.”

    So remember the old news reels they used to show during the WWII years at intermission during the days when you actually got more than one movie for a quarter? You know, the newsreels with scratchy film (like you use for effect) that drummed up support for the war effort and encited patriotism? Well now that China owns the theaters, what will the new Chinese/American newsreels encite should we go to war with China over oil and gas from the Caspian Sea Basin? I knew the world was crazy and I was sane when GW Bush won, stole, etc, two terms as president. We are far beyond a decadent society. We are in a society where the American image is fabricated and the people who stand out in that fabrication are caricatures. In this Orwellian/Homer Simpson world, the image of American exceptionalism and the actors are worshipped as real and reality is shunned as un-American.

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