BREAKING: Gov. of North Dakota Orders Mandatory Evacuation of Standing Rock Camp For INSANE Reason!

Nov 28, 2016
Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalrymple has signed an executive order demanding the evacuation of the Standing Rock water protector camp. In the one-page executive order that could serve as a brilliant comedy sketch if it weren’t reality, the governor says the people must evacuate immediately because there are “severe winter storm conditions” and they’re expected to last “UNTIL NEXT SPRING” !!! (Capital letters mine) Yes, you read that right. The governor is saying people trying to defend their land and water against the desecration and destruction of a soulless corporation must evacuate NOW because… North Dakota is cold. …And it will be cold until the spring.

In case you were unsure of what cold weather DOES, the governor’s statement says that “winter conditions have the potential to endanger human life…” This is not only hilarious because everyone knows how cold weather works but also because the health and life of the human beings at Standing Rock and at the protest camp has NEVER been a consideration of the governor, the police, or Energy Transfer, the corporation risking the water of millions of people. Unarmed water protectors have been bitten by attack dogs, sprayed with pepper spray, beaten, shot with rubber bullets, and even hit with concussion grenades. Sophia Wilansky nearly lost her arm to a concussion grenade that was shot by police. She is still recovering. I also covered when reporter Erin Schrode was shot with a rubber bullet during her interview.

Perhaps the most ironic thing that has been done to the people the governor now ostensibly wants to protect from cold weather is when the militarized police blasted them with freezing water in sub-freezing temperatures. Wow… It almost sounds like the governor’s effort to keep the people safe from the winter weather is a load of steaming bullshit. …OH, maybe the governor is supplying steaming bullshit to keep the water protectors WARM! Wow, the governor is a truly wise man.

But wait, it’s not only the winter weather! The other reason the state of North Dakota needs everyone to stop protesting the big oil companies that will ultimately destroy humanity due to climate change is because… wait for it… the area does not “possess proper sanitation infrastructure.” Yes, they need to get rid of everyone because there aren’t appropriate shitters. …The irony is dripping. …As Energy Transfer prepares to take a GIANT DUMP in the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux and perhaps 18 million other people, the governor needs to get rid of the protestors because they might shit on the grass.

All of this comes just days before THOUSANDS of veterans plan to arrive at Standing Rock and join the fight for a clean and safe future. The state of North Dakota and the Army Corps of Engineers has claimed they will not use force to evict the water protectors. Therefore I imagine this executive order is designed to allow police to stop anyone else from arriving at the camp. This means they could prevent the veterans from joining the fight and slowly cause the Standing Rock camp’s numbers to dwindle. As people leave the camp to gather food or supplies, I imagine they won’t be allowed back in. This creates the show of not “using force” while still making sure to crush the movement fighting the oil pipeline. …But again, that’s just my guess.

Many around the world are sending support for the water protectors and those helping them in this fight. On my TV show “Redacted Tonight” we covered ten ways you can help them.

One of the most important things you can do is simply spread the word about this disgusting abuse of human rights by our corrupt corporate state.

Keep Fighting,

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  1. He has now prohibited to supply the camp with food, construction material and each “supplier” will have to pay a 1000$ fine !!?!

  2. This mandate gives the militia free range to open fire. Morton county sheriff dept, along with hired militia and the national gaurd have tried to incite violence to justify the brutality and opressive acts perpetrated by them. However the water protectors have remained dedicated to a peaceful protest where their only weapon is prayer.
    Prayers for intervention to stop the eviction and STOP DAPL.
    #waterislife #NOdapl

  3. Not to worry though! While they intend to disband the camps, they also plan to set up so called “free speech zones”….

    Funny thing is…I don’t recall that being mentioned in the 1st amendment. The whole free speech ONLY in designated areas part…

    Now our ability to exercise our constitutional rights is similar to smoking. Both can only be done in specifically designated areas! I suppose it makes some kind of sense though. Just as you wouldn’t want nonsmokers to be polluted by cigarette smoke emanating from the smokers…you certainly wouldn’t want to risk others becoming polluted by free speech & (gasp!) activism. Perish the thought!

    One last thought. If the reason behind disbanding the camps is truly to “protect” people from the “weather conditions”, does that mean the free speech areas won’t be subject to the same weather conditions?! Wow! They’ve found a way to defy the laws of nature…I’m impressed!

  4. I think that it is Unconscionable that while people are putting their lives on the line
    protesting this Corporate villainy, which is getting no air time in the Mainstream Media,
    Obama is quiet as a church mouse. Instead of using his last days to STAND UP for
    ANYTHING of substance regarding regular American citizens and somehow use his Bully pulpit to intervene in North Dakota, he instead is handing out Presidential Medals of Freedom or threatening States who refuse to let Transgenders use womens bathrooms. He is either uncaring or in denial of the atrocities affecting the Working & Middle Class and the indigenous people in America and don’t get me started on his record regarding People of Color.I know that only Bernie Sanders would have been a President of the People. People can say what they want about Trump, but a wise man said, “I would rather have an OPEN ENEMY than a FALSE FRIEND” and Barack Obama is the false friend ;a smiling,charismatic sociopath.I hope that Dec 5th will come and go without loss of life at North Dakota pipeline because these innocent water protectors are going to be forced to leave and Obama is saying nothing. If any of the protectors are injured or fatally wounded, their blood will be on Barack Obama’s hands.I hope that Dec 5th ends in a standoff with no injuries and the Dakota access pipeline drilling stops.But Barack Obama is a stool pigeon of the Corporate machine and they will do whatever they want to displace and endanger lives in the name of profit.It’s so sad that Obama seems to care about refugees from other countries but doesn’t seem to realize that he is creating refugees here in America.

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