Help Me Make A Show Corporate America Will HATE!

At first I didn’t want to do a Kickstarter campaign for the Moment of Clarity Show. I didn’t like the idea of asking fans and supporters to give me money. And even though I knew that almost none of the money would ultimately go in my pocket (even if we stay on budget, I’ll end up making $300 for every month of work), it still felt like I would be begging for money. Two things changed my mind. One was hearing an author who had a successful Kickstarter say, “Very few people give to a Kickstarter ONLY to support the project. Most of them also do it for the rewards they get.” And this actually made me feel much better about it. Basically I’m selling you a product – both the MOC shows you will end up getting AND the rewards, such as my books, CDs, trips to NYC, etc. But the real reason I changed my opinion on Kickstarter was because I never wanted the MOC show to be funded by corporate America. I always wanted it to be funded by you and for you. I’m not saying Moment of Clarity could never be on TV. For example, if HBO came to me and offered to give me my own show where I can say whatever the fuck I want, I would jump at the chance. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, and besides, I would be thrilled to have a show that couldn’t have existed without YOU. I fucking hate commercials. I hate corporate bullshit shoved down our throats endlessly. And Kickstarter is just about the only way I can have this show without being corporate America’s lady boy.

So I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey and help me make this happen. If you truly don’t have the funds right now to support the project, then I understand. I hope you’ll support us by telling everyone you know. Let’s do this. Let’s make a show that corporate America will hate!

Check out the rewards and watch the video at


  1. Hey Lee, I’m sorry to see that you are needing funding to continue producing the Moment of Clarity Show(realizing the difference). Wish I had the money to donate to the cause, because I certainly would. Your shows are well worth and worthy of the investment, and I hope you are able to raise enough to keep going. I had to stop producing my own show for a while there, but am hoping to start a new project soon(The Side Side Show, tentatively?) I’d really like to be able to include some content from your rants in that project, and suspect you will be satisfied with the results although I won’t likely have nearly the production value. Maybe I’ll grunge it up intentionally to disguise the shoe string that budget will really be. Good luck and keep tellin’ ’em like it is.

  2. Lee,

    Sending you love and good energy in this endeavor. Will be making a donation with my next paycheck! Keep fighting and remember that the universe always provides.

    Peace and Solidarity!

  3. So it’s not the regular MOC rants that won’t keep going (they cost very little). It’s the MOC Show that costs a lot. And in terms of TYT, they only pay what you make from advertising dollars. I have no ads – you might have noticed. I’m probably the only youtube show in existence without corporate shit all over the videos. That’s why I hope people will support the show.

  4. Are you not a part of the TYT network?
    Cant you get some dollars from them?
    Im a bit confused about why you cant keep going.
    Didn’t you plan on expenses? =)

    But i will support you!
    I would love to see more story’s on Europe, if you got any.
    There is no Lee Camp here.

  5. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling a bit discouraged. I have meant to donate before this, but there was one thing after another…and I can’t give enough to make much of a difference anyway. I had no idea that your videos cost so much money. I think what you are doing is really really important. The thing is, people who think like us are no where near critical mass…and those that do tend to not be the most financially successful.

    I did try to send some money today…but it didn’t go thru. I probably did the space/no space dance wrong on my credit card number….so I was thinking of starting a Paypal account…then I read this:

    “As you may have noticed, Paypal have terminated my account due to my use of a high security VPN – on the grounds that it’s a security risk. Paypal consider use of a VPN as a breach of their terms and conditions. Which is interesting, now that I’ve accidentally discovered that they’re tracking us. Geolocation tracking is an insidious form of surveillance. Yet they will have the audacity to argue that an open wifi in a coffee shop is not a breach of security. Now, ask yourself which has greatest security.. the open WIFI or the Ultra secure VPN? So what’s really going on here…

    Thanks for the 50 comments from yesterday. Here’s an overview of what you need to consider with IP tracking by Paypal:

    Paypal are tracking your IP.
    There’s Data Retention on your IP – which in effect allows them to track your movements and whereabouts – and acts as a surveillance tool.
    If you use a VPN, they will terminate your account – as a breach of “Security”. I wonder how many Paypal users know that they’re being tracked?
    I certainly never gave my consent to tracking by PayPal. I wonder what other purposes they use your IP for.. and whether they resell or aggregate that data for third parties such as Councils, police and the tax man?

    I wonder if their IP tracking of customers is a Data protection breach ?

    Their data retention of users IP’s is in effect a tracking device. Does the ICO even know what they ‘re doing… without informed consent. I saw no notice “PAYPAL are tracking this IP”… did you? ………………read more)”

    Whaddaya think? Of course, I don’t even known what an IP is.

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