My Response To Being Attacked By Josh Holland In Raw Story Concerning #ExitPollGate

I want to take a moment to respond to a recent hit piece against me by Joshua Holland in Raw Story.

It involves a meme I created that the actor Tim Robbins then retweeted. The meme shows the difference between the exit polls in several states and the results given by the voting machines. I and many others believe the massive difference in the numbers is due to election fraud, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s start with the end of the article where Josh Holland tries to further indict me by closing with “I asked Lee Camp if he was ‘interested in the fact that this is factually inaccurate and really misleading? I mean, can a meme be retracted? Is that something that would interest you?’ He didn’t respond.”

Josh Holland believes he “asked” me this because he sent an email to an account I don’t check often. As Holland certainly knows, I get hundreds of emails a day. I’m sure he does too. Many of those emails are from very strange people who send meaningless crap. The name “Josh Holland” did not stand out to me. Then when I did read the email, he didn’t introduce himself as anyone of note or a reporter for that matter. Going back through my emails I can see he had a signature at the bottom that says he’s a writer, but how often do people scan through signatures when they receive weird sarcastic angry emails? So this is a guy who couldn’t pass the most basic hurdle of journalistic integrity – Let the person you’re “interviewing” know that you’re interviewing them for an article. And then he implies that because I didn’t respond, I can’t defend the meme I created.

I can, however, and I will. Not just because I want to correct Josh Holland’s journalism fail but because I want people to hear the facts behind the corporate mouthpieces who uphold this fraud for the powers that be.

Josh Holland wants to lead you to believe that exit polls (in my meme and gathered together by Richard Charnin) are just wildly inaccurate and basically don’t mean anything. But it’s quite easy to find screen shots or video that verify the exit poll numbers I used. CNN did indeed report Bernie Sanders was losing by 4% according to exit polls (Watch it here). So if these numbers are incorrect, that begs the question why CNN or other news outlets would report them at all. I mean, shouldn’t Mr. Holland spend most of his time writing headlines like, “CNN Reports Wildly Incorrect Exit Poll Numbers”? That sounds like quite the scandal. Rather than go after CNN or NBC for reporting these numbers (that he believes are false), Holland attacks me.

Holland goes on to quote Joe Lenski (which he spells “Lensky”) who he says is with Edison Research. However, it’s tough to know whether Lenski knew he was being interviewed since Holland prefers to avoid revealing he’s interviewing people for articles. For all we know Lenski was just making stuff up in an online chat with someone he thought was a sexy co-ed.

Lenski apparently told Holland that American exit polls are “just not designed for that type of precision. They’re surveys, and like any other survey, they have a margin of error.” What Holland is very careful to avoid revealing to readers is that there is an exact margin of error. It’s +/-4% according to Edison Research’s website. However, the NY exit polls were off by TWELVE PERCENT. And many states were equally wildly off. Holland does a fine job of avoiding such inconvenient facts.

Furthermore, this entire line of thought is a contradiction for Mr. Holland. At one point he wants you to believe the exit polls Charnin used for his analysis are INCORRECT (different from what was reported) and then a few paragraphs later he wants you to believe they are CORRECT but NOT PRECISE (the same as what was reported but it doesn’t matter). Which is it, Mr. Holland? Are they the correct exit poll numbers but the polls aren’t very good? Or are they incorrect exit poll numbers altogether? You can’t have it both ways. That’s like saying, “I did NOT sleep with that woman. AND I didn’t enjoy it.”

Even IF we go with Mr. Holland’s thesis that exit polls in America are all but meaningless but that they’re REALLY GOOD in other countries, you would think Holland would want to use his masterful reporting skills to find out why the most powerful “democracy” in the world doesn’t want verifiable proof that their voting system is working properly. Mr. Holland would surely then start researching the voting machine audits in places like Chicago where widespread fraud WAS INDEED discovered. Mr. Holland might also want to let his readers know about Diebold – the company that used to run our voting machines until they were indicted by federal prosecutors for “worldwide criminal conduct.” Or he might want to mention how certain voting machines are ripe for hacking according to cyber security experts. But no, facts like that are not good for Mr. Holland’s argument that these elections are pristine.

Finally Holland seems to confuse two kinds of “adjusted” poll numbers. He thinks that “adjusting” for non-response rates is the same as “adjusting” for what the voting machines tell us. When people (like me) say they’re looking at “unadjusted” poll numbers, they mean they’re looking at poll numbers before they were FORCED to fit with the machine tallies. As election fraud expert and NY Times bestselling author Greg Palast told me, “After Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004, when exit polls showed Gore and Kerry as winners, US TV networks asked exit polling contractors to ‘conform’ the results to the official results. So, of course, all evidence of hanky-panky disappears.” Holland seems to entirely misunderstand what “adjusted” means. There’s no mention of Lensky carefully explaining this to Holland, but who knows what happened in that conversation that wasn’t reported.

Or perhaps Holland would like to let his readers know that the 2004 election was INDEED stolen for the Republicans as proven by Greg Palast, and that the exit polls showed as much.

But Josh Holland is in a tough spot. He’s trying to defend a system that was recently rated by a Harvard study as the worst in the Western world for fair elections. That’s not an easy job. It’s like being the current publicist for Bill Cosby. Holland has to rely on smoke and mirrors because this system is so clearly corrupt. Over 50% of America already believes the presidential nominating system is rigged.

So I sent an email to Mr. Holland saying, “Are you interested in the fact that your reporting is factually inaccurate and really misleading? I mean, can a column be retracted? Is that something that would interest you?” …I sent it to an email address he doesn’t often check and didn’t identify myself. …I haven’t heard back.

UPDATE: Richard Charnin and Bob Fitrakis (the author of six books on election integrity) have ALSO responded to Josh Holland’s sad attempt at reporting. They tear his argument limb from limb with simple facts. Read their responses HERE.

UPDATE #2: Here is another well-researched article demonstrating election fraud by looking at the exit polls. It brings up an interesting point that I did not know before. If Holland’s assertion that the exit polls are all just WILDLY OFF all the time is true, then they would be WAY off for the GOP primary as well. They AREN’T. According to the article, the GOP primary exit polls have been almost dead on. This further negates Holland’s evidence-free argument.

  1. Lee Camp, I’ve been posting your video clips on Facebook and I’ve been calling you the new Jon Stewart but I was wrong. You are more like Jon Stewart AND Carl Bernstein combined. You’re covering election fraud which is neither being reported by MSM nor progressive news sources like TYT. Bravo! You fucking rock!!

  2. Those of us who have worked on election integrity issues for years, saw this theft going on state after state after state. This isn’t the first stolen primary, but it is the most egregious. That fact that the media is giving a pass is because they are part of the corporate partners who stole this election. They want a corporate candidate. Period. The party affiliation is irrelevant. They figured if you give the liberals a black guy and then a woman, they will be happy and won’t notice that you are stealing the country and all their rights from under them. With the latest Wikileaks release on the DNC email, it shows further the DNC was all out against one of their own candidates…undermining at every turn. Luis Miranda is a Clinton shill. There is an illusion of choice in this country, but it is just that. An illusion. The deciders decide. GWB was right about who the decider was. It sure as hell isn’t us.

  3. Well that sounds easier than picking you up on my shoulders and more fun than washing your car. And I was very serious, so yes I can help out. Very much on the verge of starting my own page so this would help me with research too. This will mean I would have to re-activate my FB account and deal with the insanity/apathy shit but it’s for a good cause. So I hope you do a lot more pro-prostitution stuff then. They would be a fun group to get to know.

  4. Hey, thanks for response. You asked what you could do to help grow the show. And if you’re seriously asking, then here’s something. Basically we need people to every week take segment clips – which are posted to and distribute them to websites/ Facebook groups/ and Twitter accounts that care about that topic. So pick the one each week that you like best (for example: a clip about Monsanto), and then spend some time looking for “Stop Monsanto” websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts. This may take some creativity – For example if it’s a Monsanto clip, then look up natural food sites. Then once you find them, email those sites and ask them to consider posting the video. Or post the clip on their Facebook group. Or tweet at them and say “Please check out this clip and retweet it.”

    That honestly is the big help we need. If you’re not able to do it, no worries. And if you find a website or FB group that is AWESOME, feel free to send it our way.

    THANKS for all your help!


  5. Very well said Claudia! I too have dealt with a good long bout of depression and this election does not help. I am an ex-pat that has lived in Denmark (no they are not the happiest people in the world, I hope) for over 20 years. I am actually an army vet from the 80s getting out right at the end of the Kuwait war. I will make the long story short. I recently woke up to how things really are working and although I still love my country deeply, I am ashamed of what it really is.

    So anyways, I too recently found your show Mr. Camp and love what you are doing. Waiting a week between shows sucks but hey. I am at a place right now where I want to do anything to help wake people the f%ck up (hate censoring myself)! So Lee if there is anything I can ever do. Put you on my shoulders so you can be heard, wash your car whatever sir, just say the word! Really, keep up the good work. I wish I could be half as articulate as you are. It is a great gift.

    On a final note about election fraud. I have posted this everywhere on youtube but I will throw a pitch for it here to. Check out blockchain voting machines. I have to assume you know what Bitcoin is. It is based on the same type of open source technology. Yes it is still a machine but it would be very very hard (some say impossible) to corrupt this type of system without detection.

  6. please keep up the coverage of election fraud till November (at least). you have to repeat it as long as possible until it gets heated. they get to repeat their BS too. keep fighting 😉 greetings from Germany.

  7. My name is Claudia Reyes, I’ve had suffered from depression for years feeling desperate at not being able to do anything to end political corruption and violence abroad. In February of this year I started to actively volunteer for Bernie Sander’s campaign and my inner life changed significantly. Finally I received a response to my prayers from the universe. For a long time I wished with all my heart to have a person with integrity, morals and principles in the political world. With horror, pain, anger and sorrow I had been posting in my Facebook everything I know about the crimes that the Clintons have and continue to commit in Latin America, middle east, India… …. until one woman posted on my wall a video of RedactedTonight basically suggesting me to laugh a little, I needed to laugh. And it worked. My gut relaxed for the first time in many years. I used to do stand up comedy but never on serious issues and I’ve done journalism on serious topics but never combined both cause I didn’t feel like laughing at cruelty or injustice. Now I watched RedactedTonight because I not only laugh at serious matter, but also learn; I see Lee as a serious journalist who does his job with integrity and responsibility. His show reflects the truths and facts that the main stream media hides. His program has become a main source for me to consult whenever I need to know of something. I am having fun again and feel inspired by his call to continue fighting at the end of each episode. I am no longer repressed. Thank you universe for giving us Lee Camp and RedactedTonight and thank you Lee for working for justice, true love and intelligence, just like Bernie Sanders does. You are not alone and we, your audience will stand up for you whenever they absurdly attack you.

  8. I found Richard Charnin a couple months ago. Fascinating work. Excellent analysis.

    I’m subscribed on YouTube, but I just found this web-site through a tweet today.

    If the trees all bend one way, you know which way the wind blows.

    Keep fighting the good fight! Maybe this election cycle this subject will get some traction.

  9. The sunny version of history that this kind of journalism tries to back up teaches us that the whole point of America was voting and democracy and happy sunshine. But when we want to make sure our votes *are* getting counted, we’re told to go sit by the lizard people enthusiasts. Say we’re all completely wrong: we’re not asking for anything unreasonable by saying “hmmm, this seems off and this seems off- hey, maybe we should look into this further.”

    Or so I would’ve thought.

  10. Thank you for this article Mr Camp and for articulating this gross injustice to the citizens of our country. Our elections are rigged and everyone in my world has been saying that for years. I never really believed it, because I didn’t bother to investigate. I have been very apathetic to politics in my adult life and I thank Bernie Sanders for waking me and millions of others from this darkness. We will not be going back to sleep! I have spoken a lot to my older family and friends about the fraud occurring in the latest rounds of primary voting and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM say the same thing…..”that’s just the way it is.” and then they are willing to just fall back into line. I guess that was me too, except I really didn’t think the elections were rigged, since Barack Obama was elected twice and I voted for him twice. =)

    I have HOPE for the younger generations now, THEY ARE WOKE!

    I have no doubt in my GEN-X mind that the next few years are going to be bumpy ride, but I AM in it for the long haul and I AM so glad that we are on the same team.

    BE WELL. ♥

  11. Raw Story is a joke, and so is Josh Holland. The word is out that they’ve been busily purging their regular readership if they support Bernie, and refuse to vote for Hillary.

  12. Thank you for this, Lee Camp. Election fraud is the dirty little secret of our elections, from both parties, and it needs more sunlight. I am honored to say that Joshua Holland “unfriended” me on Facebook because I kept pointing out his transparent hypocrisies by constantly posting pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie posts and now he’s saying he’s supporting Bernie. He’s soiled himself thoroughly getting into this area and exposing his shoddy and biased writing (I will not dignify it by calling it reporting). Keep it up, Lee Camp – we need more like you!

  13. Ha! Thank you! Welcome to my world. I’ve been screaming about things that should be national stories for years. They never are though… But don’t give up.

  14. I am a seventy year old white guy that watches Redacted Tonight religiously. The exit poll scandal was so maddening that I found Lee Camp’s website to see what was here.
    Seven fucking comments?!?! That’s it? On what should have been a nationwide felony case and the biggest scandal of the year, and seven fucking comments?! When some over paid professional narcissist under inflates a freakin football, it’s covered coast to coast on every major network for months. Jesus Christ! I can’t believe how apathetic Americans have become over the political situation in this country.
    Keep up the good work Lee. Even some of us dinosaurs appreciate what you do.

  15. Thank you for being a voice of reason and clarity in a murky world of waste, fraud and abuse of our precious democracy!

  16. the saying “tall trees catch a lot of wind” apply to you, Lee. Many on our side of the field (e.g. Young Turks, except maybe for Jimmy Dore) are succumbing already. So you are the last man standing there in the center of the public eye. I applaud you for being a leader in this entire madness. Good analysis of the absurdity of holland. Then again: are the people that dumb or numb that they don’t see trough it and need the explanation? Guess not, as you put it so eloquently and funny in one of your MOC. Keep up your light!

  17. ( I realize you have a limited time and to continue to cover this as the headliner may be sticky, but it is the media collusion that is the biggest hack of our democracy, and the truth is, given your platform, the BEST THING that could have happened is that WaPo piece by Bump. So I implore you to do whatever you can to keep up the coverage, for you are the only one out there that is doing it – The Young Fucking Turks seem to be too afraid to, or idk what is up with them. Please keep it up. Join our FB group pages Occupy Rigged Elections and Documenting Democratic Primary Election Fraud: 2016, if you haven’t already. A writer from Counter Punch finally declared himself there, after lurking and concluding he had to cover it. This IS ‘the political revolution’ about which cynics are certain will fade in the hard glare of Winter, 2017. You have a delicious role to play in it, friend, so whatever you can do to maintain coverage, I implore you to do it. )

  18. You saw Richard’s response also, I assume. Robert F Kennedy Jr. outlined the play by plays in the 2004 presidential election theft and they exactly match what’s going on here, down to the condescending dismissal by the Washington Post and NYT.
    Of real interest, and have tried to get someone with this information, if it has been collated (Election Justice USA ppl may have an idea but they are so swamped) – the numbers of suspiciously or illegally purged Democratic voters who were Sanders supporters vs Clinton supporters. For this is essential to follow up on the data breach theory…

    Bless you for your role in getting this out there, and – Holland seems to be much more of a dick than Philip Bump (perhaps growing up Bump instills a certain humility) who wrote a piece for the Washington Post brushing off the conspiracy theorist wack-o defense, as he tried to explain the Screen-Shot Heard ‘Round The World that caught the WaPo’s website totally screwing the numbers. He ended his condescending lesson about the vulnerability of weak minds with the salient argument that WaPo gets it’s data from AP, and AP explained the situation as a simple case of ‘vote entry error.’ But as in the brief exchange I had with him I came to suspect he was a closet sympathizer, as anyone who covers elections and DC for any length of time would have to be, if they’re not an idiot. He wrote, “I never said I couldn’t embrace your conspiracy theory…” and then posted Debbie Lusinngan’s video response to his twitter page, with the comment, “Someone posted this to my Facebook wall; it’s pretty amazing. User name is The Sane Progressive.” So he intentionally put her work out to the world, and without a pejorative disclaimer..
    KEEP IT UP – This is THE story, and you are doing a fantastic job.

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