US Gov’t Giving Guns To Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Cartel?? – MOC #40

  1. I would like to think that we would be able to fight back if the government does institute marshall law but I am afraid you are right. Fear the government that fears your guns. I beleive they will pull a move out of Hitlers hand book such as the night of long knives. If it comes to a revolution assualt weapons work better than pitchforks. Another thing all the money for climate change, lines Al gore’s pockets with his corbon trading market set up in Chicago.

  2. First off, thanks for the response. And thanks for the kind words about MOC. Really appreciate it.
    But in terms of your other points about firearms – This is a classic debate tactic. Take something you disagree with, exaggerate it to ridiculous proportions, and then go “SEE?!! THAT’S INSANE!!” You ask “What’s next? Ban hammers?!” But I could say the same to you “What’s next? Is every citizen allowed to have their own nuclear bomb?! How about a tank?” And I certainly would ask you that. But the difference between our two arguments is that I have given you the line I would draw (and I think our country should draw). I have said I’m not debating your right to own a hand gun. Even though you’re much more likely to kill your own family with it. I am not debating your right and neither is anybody in Congress. However, I think the line should be drawn above hand guns and hunting weapons. People owning semi-automatics or grenade launchers or tanks does not make us safer. It puts everyone in harms way.

  3. Howdy Lee,
    I’ll answer your question.
    The real reason is simply because we can. The fact that they are fun to shoot is just a bonus. Many don’t want to admit it but there are some bad people in the world. If, and/or when you meet one (I hope never) that wants to harm you or people you care about there is no substitute for firepower. The 2nd ammendment is not about hunting rabbits.
    What’s next? A ban on hammers? Cars? Booze?
    You probably have a book of matches or a lighter near you right now. What keeps you from setting the drapes on fire? I bet it isn’t because there is a law against it.
    Don’t fear the gun, fear the person holding it. The way the cops are beating, shooting and tasering people these days, kinda’ makes you wonder who the good guys are.

    I’d also like to say I just found your ‘Moments of Clarity’ and really like ’em. Keep up the good fight.
    Also, check out Dprogram if you haven’t already, pretty good group that thinks along the same lines.

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