How To Stop Corps From Stealing The Bailout Money

  1. The deed is already done. It seems little Stevie Mnuchin raided the treasury way back in February to the tune of $4 Trillion. Dylan Ratigan says it’s way more. No accountability. Wonder where it went. Bezos is $24 billion richer now…

  2. Here’s an idea……seeing how its all fiat money anyway w/ a minimal fractional reserve requirement of .05% as pointed out………
    I’m quiet tired of just talking……its far time to start walking!
    For within every crisis lies OPPORTUNITY!!!! If ever there is a time….it is NOW!!!!
    WITHDRAW, WITHDRAW, ……………WITHDRAW it ALL!!!!!!! Preferably…..all at once
    and watch the cabal we call “Banking” crumble.
    The ever consuming, destroying wheels of capitalism has come to a screeching halt!
    You’ve successfully eliminated its sole purpose of existence……..the mighty dollar.
    While presently home……..we REMAIN home…….until demands of change are satisfied! Passive political dissent! We can’t fix “Broken” thus must rebuild anew, from Ground Zero upwards!!!!! To rebuild, ALL existing, broken operational systems must fall.
    With no banks left functioning…… one left to repossess anything! Besides its not the material things like our cars, houses etc…..they want. Its interest bearing revenues which rely on continual indebtedness and for that very reason, we will NEVER see anything that benefits the MAJORITY versus the minority.
    “Red Trump, Blue Trump; neither a choice”…essentially “same snake, with two different heads”.
    Our so called “elected” and “selected”have long ago abandoned us!!!!
    We must strategically and collectively collaborate universally!!!!
    We must start by strengthening our individual communities by building from within; ultimately to collectively negotiate outwards as we move forward to a better tomorrow!
    Our future on this planet depends upon it. If ever there was a time….it is NOW!!!!! “The PERFECT STORM”.
    Far time to bring it back home TO THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE….remember?

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