Point Being #5 – The Secret Truth About Unemployment

  1. Hi Lee;

    I’ve been a loyal follower of yours for a long while now.

    As a career nanny, I landed a summer job in East Hampton, NY caring for a newborn via surrogate.

    Something I learned while hanging out with the wealthy; this pandemic does not AND will not affect them financially.

    The little people like myself are just pawns; of very little value. Which proved to be true when they let me go via email; even tho I lived with them. Because I was not worthy of a face-to-face conversation.

    I was told on a Saturday, which was my birthday, to leave Sunday. Nothing about that family was true or real; just like their perception of reality.

  2. Lee–Thank you for telling the truth of this matter This is a HUGE problem right now and many people,like my daughter, have been waiting for unemployment benefits since March when she first filed. She was a preschool teacher and is 50 yrs old. She had worked at her school for 18 yrs. but they closed because of the virus.
    Even $15.00 an hour is still not enough, and not many get that much. Slave wages are poverty wages. The propaganda regarding living wages is just absurd.
    Thanks again for posting this truth and your awesome activism.

  3. Was Lee attacked by a bear? Or perhaps he leaned on a grill? Or those stripes are tattoos? Short sleeve season is so distracting. 🙂

  4. Meaningful, Important Work, not jobs.

    There is a tiny Bakery, in a little Mountain Town, just one room with a big huge wood burning oven, that one family owns. The Bakery is over 100 years old.
    Every Morning the family fires up the wood oven and bake a batch of bread. It is the best bread ever.
    People come from all over to buy this Bread. Every day it is a different kind of Bread.
    Huge Beautiful Crusty Tall Loaves. So Good. $5 a loaf.
    They ALWAYS are sold out by noon. Then the family closes shop till the next morning.

    Now THAT is meaningful work. Going to a big factory that some rich guy owns to stand in a line with other wage slaves to make plastic mass produced white bread is not Meaningful Work.
    It is not even Real Bread.

  5. Hi lee, Great Work. I have always known that I was a slave all my life(age 66 and white). Whenever I try to discuss this with people,I get comments like….you can leave your home and go get a drink right- freedom. We live amongst a brainwashed non- critical thinking population. Beyond Sad. Thanks for your humanity and intelligence.

  6. Corporations do best when there’s about 12% unemployment. The fact that Bezos and the stock market have done extremely well during a really bad time for American workers shows just how little either is connected to reality.

  7. Great fun, Lee!

    But, on the subject, unemployment statistics have been a pork-barrel of lies since the late 1960’s. To trust the government and the industries that own it, bith of whom must sell themselves to workers as making their jobs possible, is one of the foolish habits of life under capitalism. Those numbers will always fudge toward the positive, better (for them), happy-news side every time.

    And, point being, we can’t do anything about that until “government” is cleaned of the lying owners who demand those statistics. Can’t do that with the current political party setup.

    So, let’s think about that while keepin’ on with the fight!

  8. There’s no “like” button. How will you know it’s good if I can’t hit the “like” button?

  9. Lee–

    Just watched and listened to Point Being #5 – The Secret Truth About Unemployment. Here’s something for you: The highest statistical correlation to both unemployment and poverty is illiteracy. 40% of the adult population in the US is either completely illiterate (15%) or functionally illiterate (25%), being unable to read above a 3rd grade level. Call me or email me about this, if curious, as this is my life’s work. Keep fighting. TG

  10. I’m a regular listener and commenter as often as I can be. Wish there were more comments on the “deep state.” and how they (behind the scenes) operate. Would love a lengthy interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his work with Children’s Health Defense. We are in for a very heartless and dangerous time up ahead, and I hope your insights and commentaries continue uninhibited.

  11. Thank you! My brother turned me on to this guy. Very funny and spot on.
    Right now I need the good stuff on behalf of my boys. They are 20 and 21 and I want to keep everything real with these guys and always meet them on their level.
    Denis Slattery
    Portland, Oregon

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