Chris Hedges & Lee Camp On Censorship In The Most Crucial Times
  1. You two forget 2 key points: 1) Ukraine’s refusal to reimburse Russia for supplying gas, then cancelling nuclear fuel provided by Russia, and replacing that contract with US weapons grade nuclear fuel. This would put future nuclear weapons at Russia’s border; 2) By request of Germany, Russia was near completion of the Nord Stream pipeline, which would have increased EU dependence on Russian gas and oil. The US wanted Europe to buy US shipped LNG at 3 times the cost. When Germany refused to abort the pipeline, the US increased weapons aid to Ukraine, while threatening to bomb the pipeline. What does it mean for the US to deliver fracked gas to Europe? It means shortages of gas here in the US. It means more fracking. It means tons more CO2 and CO4 emissions, as fracking releases methane ga s, 86 times more deadly to life than CO2; and it means more fracking everywhere within the US, causing further temperature hikes and a more climate riddled unstable environment. Further, Russia has kept their oil and gas nationalized which makes their economy and the People of Russia dependent upon sales of gas and oil. Stopping the flow of Russian gas and oil to Europe will cripple the Russian economy. —This is again another war fought over fossil fuels and American encroachment, governed by 4) The new American policy of “FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE” beginning during the Papa Bush Admin. 1991. (If you do not know what this is, please look it up). It is a policy that resembles the Third Reich. And it is American dominance in every corner of the world. The Ukranian War is the most recent example of fulfilling American hegemony.

  2. Just wanted to wish anyone else who found themselves here a nice day. We can still find each other regardless of where we live; it’s not impossible yet.

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