The Ukraine Crisis! (with Ben Norton)

  1. Lee camp, way to many people do not realize what brought the Ukrainian country to this war, thank you for reminding us

  2. RT is now banned from most platforms in the UK and the US. I am in the US and can no longer even see RT.

  3. Thank You Lee!
    You and Ben Norton explained this complex situation in plain and simple to understand terms.
    I guess that is the real test to see if someone is speaking the Truth.
    Sending this all around.

  4. lee love your shows but it depressing how F up the world has became, love the sarcasm keep it up.

  5. Lee Camp & Ben Norton, RE: The Ukraine Crisis!
    I believe you are both confused as well as is Russian policy towards Ukraine & elsewhere by labels such as Neo-NAZI, without understanding the background behind the actors such as Svoboda & Pravy-Sektor in this oligarch World play. I come from both Christian & Jewish mixed family, but doesn’t it strike you strange how CIA supported neo-Nazi are used over decades to overthrow Russia? Isn’t it strange how these same Neo-Nazi are placed under the direction of the last 3 Jewish presidents of Ukraine such as the latest Vladimir. Zelensky? Rather than demonize people according to their superficial labels its far more effective to understand their motives, driving beliefs etc. I hope this comment will help you both in this regard.
    Anyone thinking, knows oligarch (US puppeteers) war policy in Ukraine is a case of divide & conquer by western oligarchs against ALL their enemies. Oligarchs are against Russia, Ukraine & Neo-Nazi, who through the latter, supported with massive oligarch financing & arms in order to bring hell to their other 2 strategic enemies. Oligarchs use the same enemy-finance & arm strategy as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen etc Worldwide. Trillionaire oligarchs grow richer through war, so have no compunction about such as their facilitating a million strategic ‘Middle-east’ murders/year of supposed enemies (rough neighbourhood belief) over the last 40 years (ref. Dr. Gideon Polya).
    Being on the ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) side of history does not accept the Ally or Axis ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-stealth-generated’) programs, but does recognize both have good intentions. Searching out a Perceived Opponent’s ‘Best-Intentions’ is the 1st rule of Gandhian ‘Swadeshi’ (Hindi ‘indigenous’ aka ‘self-sufficiency’ animism & ‘Satyagraha’ H. ‘Truth-search’ animism) incomplete but complementary fragments of the whole. Ally oligarch empires (Britain, US, Canada, Netherlands, France, Belgium etc) genocided 25 million people in their colonies during 1920-45. ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY The AXIS nation’s ‘economies’ (Gk ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) were all based in Multistakeholder, Participatory investment, Board-representation & decision-making powers. Typically among the ‘Keiretsu’ (‘family-business’) of Japan, ‘Chaebol’ of Korea, Associative Economies of Germany, Austria, Hungary, ‘Fasci’ (‘United bundle of sticks, which are strong’) in Italy & Romania, ‘Zadruga’ (Slavic ‘friend’) of Yugoslavia & Ukraine etc empower all stakeholders to invest & progressively own across a Founder, Worker, Manager, Supplier, Townspeople, Consumer etc lifetime. Invested ‘share’ interest, profit sharing & involvement in decision-making creates individual & collective responsibility as well as a collective intelligence. Hence particularly Germany & Japan are renowned worldwide for their stakeholder integrated engineering excellence. This kind of bottom-up popular unity on the part of AXIS is completely incomprehensible to the totally controlled mind & lives of Empire Allies. Its time to recognize all sides of this human equation we’re in.

  6. Thank you Lee. Excellent points. The mainstream news seems to have weaponized propaganda against Russia, and is spinning a good versus evil Axis version of the world, and Americas allies. If anyone can make me question what I know it is you and your friends and show . So thank you I am grateful to all of the worlds whistleblowers and their friends .

  7. I live in Canada and my cable channel station RT Russia Today was cut off. Censorship here we go….hope to able to continue to get your podcast Lee…..Keep up the great work!!!!

    Fearless Fred

  8. So many good points, good information, but still don’t see how Russia was “forced to take action”; at least not the kind of action they have. No mention at all of Budapest Treaty in which Ukraine gave up all nuclear arms in exchange for Russia recognizing Ukraine as a sovereign nation and respecting her borders. Think point about expanding NATO nations to the East is somewhat diminished considering it was agreed upon by Soviet Union, not Russia; the two are not interchangeable. Sure, US sucks, but at least we can complain about it. Keep up the good work. ☮️

  9. What a bunch of bs. I’m sick of all the conflict. Should we play into this grapple between two evil empires? I don’t want to take sides either way. But I do care about the innocent people who are getting murdered. Fuck the MIC, fuck the Kremlin, fuck the white supremacists!.

  10. Did Government Secs ep 73 get taken down?

    Looks like the video is now private!?

    Just checking in to see if you’re getting censored again by our google overlords.

    You’re amazing Lee, so is everyone you work with!

    We leftists are indeed watching, despite what the artificially deflated numbers say!

  11. What happened to Moment of Clarity? Is it now all behind a paywall? I clicked on a link through RadIndieMedia and it took me to a paywall on Rockfin and it doesn’t show up on podcast sites. That would be disapointing, as I really enjoyed those episodes

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