Redacted Tonight 137-The Unmentioned Global Mind Control, Standing Rock Raided, Facebook Monopoly & More

Lee Camp delves into the twisted and manipulative world of advertising. Using a ridiculous Starbucks commercial as an example, Lee tears apart the BS they’re trying to sell us. Lee also covers the latest at the stand-off at Standing Rock over the Dakota Access Pipeline. He then discusses the increase in ICE raids that terrorize undocumented immigrants. In the second half of the show, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new “manifesto,” which lays out the future of where he wants to bring the social media site. It sounds benign and optimistic. But is it really? Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill files a report about the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan from 5 five years ago. She finds out what the implications are for Americans today. All this on the latest episode of Redacted Tonight!

  1. President Trump today angrily denied that the lies he’s been telling aren’t the truth. This confused many people, who then thought he was telling the truth.

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