The Secret Plan To Steal Earth’s Remaining Fresh Water [VIDEO]

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  1. George W. Bush…he is the weapon of mass destruction.

    Revised, whiskey & pizza
    See ya soon.

  2. This is not news, but I am glad to hear others talking about it. For instance, Food and Water Watch has been fighting the corporate takeover of fresh water for quite a long time – and also fighting to stop municipalities from selling off the control of their water and sewer systems and supply to private corporations. I myself have not only been part of the fight, but also both boycott Nestle and share a request for others to do so,
    a visit to the Nestle website will let you make a list of all of its brands and products – many of which you may have used for years but which Nestle now owns. Any corporate CEO who says, as Nestle’s did, that human beings have no right to fresh water, is a person that will, forthwith, never get a penny of my money, for I know that he will use it against me.
    Veolia may be a name not known to many, but under its current and former names, it has been involved in water privatization, in its homeland France, for something like 100 or more years. In France some water privatization has been necessary for years. However, it has now joined the ranks of the ‘vulture corporations.’ Essentially, there are about 18 global corporations working to control the planet’s entire supply of fresh water.
    PS Just a couple of ideas here. Nestle has not just been buying up water supplies, but has also stolen quite a few where no law prohibited it. I believe in was in New York, where it diverted the entire spring water supply of a company,then bottled it for sale. The result was that the people who had enjoyed that spring water for their entire lives, now were forced to buy water for drinking, bathing and everything else. They received nothing, but Nestle made a king’s fortune.
    The easiest way to prevent Coca Cola from buying up water supplies is simply to stop buying Coca Cola and other beverage companies it owns. The stuff is not good for you anyway and has zero nutritional value.
    But here IS one benefit. When they control the water, you may no longer have to file an income tax return. Instead, the corporations – who will rule the planet – could just include a value added tax, or similar, in the price of every bottle you buy or service you use. Relative to today’s true value of a dollar, how would you feel about no income tax, but a $75 price fore every mundane beverage you are required, by law, to purchase? What about $200 for a shower or $300 for a bath?

  3. George W. Bush in 2005-06 bought up over 300,000 acres of land over that Brazilian aquafir. Not like he knew it was going to be up for sale to Nestle a decade later. Evil!

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