Redacted Tonight #339 – The Chinese Forced Labor Lie Collapses

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  1. Thanks Peter. Most people don’t watch on my site. They watch on YouTube or Rokfin or Portable. So this site is less trafficked.

  2. Wow, it’s so quiet here in the comments, did not expect this. Hope the viewership rate is still good! Thanks for being a “foreign agent”!

  3. Whether I agree with your opinions on every issue or not, I appreciate being able to find truth and facts. You have always been able to cut straight through the bs. That is something to be respected regardless of views on topics. Usually you are good to make us laugh but I think you get a pass given the TRAGIC state of our world. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for keeping us informed on truth when so much is just completely ignored and we never hear about it.

  4. I assume you got this from The Gray Zone, since that’s the only place I’ve found (other than the PRC government) that tells the truth. My schoolmate worked in Xinjiang (a word most cannot pronounce: in Mandarin, ‘X’ is pronounced as ‘hs’ which is a LOT like ‘sh’) back in the ’70s. Mao ordered that every child in the PRC must go to school and learn to read Chinese characters and use the Mandarin accent. So every child in the PRC had to learn to read, and they told Mao they were all learning Chinese characters and the Mandarin accent, but that was not exactly true. In Xinjiang, most learned the Central Asian alphabet and were taught in their own language. So they could read and write, but could only communicate with members of their own tribe and most were very poor, living in mud houses that, when there was a hard rain, leaked badly. An effort to stamp out Islam meant every restaurant had to put pork in every dish, even the vegetables.
    Then, in the last 10 or so years, all were forced to learn to read Chinese and speak Mandarin, and usually other languages so they can work as tour guides for tourists from all over the world. Almost all restaurants in Xinjiang are now strictly halal, certified by an Imam. And the people in Xinjiang have good jobs, nice houses with metal roofs, and a lot get jobs in other PRC cities, so most PRC cities have several halal restaurants for Muslims from Western PRC who are now working all over the PRC.
    The thing about the PRC is that a lot of the horror stories were true 50 years ago. Not now. No one goes hungry, no one is homeless. No slave labour, no one imprisoned who did not commit a real crime (saying Xinjiang is really the independent country of East Turkestan probably qualifies as a real crime in the PRC).
    Xinjiang is one of the world’s major cotton producing regions, but when it was hand picked, the Muslims didn’t pick it. Picking cotton paid relatively well (a year’s salary for 3 months’ work) and was done by people from outside Xinjiang. Today, almost all of the work in dem cotton fields is done by robots. So all the ‘slaves’ are made of steel and silicon.
    “The PRC has changed so fast, there was no time to be astonished.”

  5. Thank you very much for exploring the topic of anti China propaganda. Virtually everything said about China is misleading and will end up hurting Americans who prefer to believe bullshit at their peril. I just went to China this week (to develop important new products in renewable energy here) because they love new technology and adopt new technology but US corporations only pay attention to technology that helps them control others. China has already leapfrogged the US in most engineering and scientific fields. The US global elite have ruined US patent law while the Chinese are constantly strengthening their patent system. Most new technology in most fields comes from China. This is an important story that no one is aware of. Best wishes from the Japan Islands.

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