I Was In Puerto Rico, And You Won’t Believe What I Saw

2/1/2018 by Eleanor Goldfield
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3 responses to “I Was In Puerto Rico, And You Won’t Believe What I Saw”

  1. Thanks Pak Lee Camp: I’m a U$A expat living in Bali and Lombok for 24 years now.
    Very much appreciate your show.

  2. Kari Nanstad says:

    Puerto Rico a beautiful Island, would make one wonder why tourism should be paramount in this area and a booming economic vacation spot. 95 Billion would be a drop in the bucket if someone with a plan for great hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc. A missed opportunity, Puerto Rico, if handled correctly, properly, honestly, could be a prosperous vacation industry spot, and a win win for all.

  3. Kari Nanstad says:

    The USA is definitely missing any high standard in this disaster! Mismanagement, irresponsibility,, corruption, neglect, weak leadership, diabolical, and should NOT be happening. 4th world country standard at best! This treatment should not be allowed.

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