North Dakota Is Starting To Look Like A War Zone And Yet There’s No Mention From The Federal Government Nor Hillary Trump

southdakotaaccessprotest In case you haven’t noticed because you’ve either been living under a rock or watching ONLY the mainstream media, North Dakota is beginning to look like Mad Max: Fury Road. In recent days water protectors (those fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline) have begun erecting barricades on the roads in order to stop the destruction of their sacred lands by a massive oil company, funded by big banks. The North Dakota authorities – who have sworn an oath to protect oil pipelines and not human beings (apparently?) – have responded by continuing to attack, pepper spray, restrain, and arrest the unarmed water protectors, which include women, children, and elderly. Police have arrested over 120 people in recent days. Teachers from nearby schools are now bringing their students out in order to show them what a police state looks like. …I made that last sentence up… The sheriff and other authorities continue to try to portray the protectors as dangerous and riotous – but every video I’ve seen has shown only peaceful protesters. In order to cover up the fact that the truth is not on their side, authorities have actively targeted journalists, arresting several including Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman. (They ultimately dropped the charges because the judge found them ridiculous).

And while Standing Rock turns into a war zone – a very one-sided war zone – there has been little to no mention of it from the two corporate presidential candidates. Of course Green Party candidate Jill Stein has talked extensively about it and even went to North Dakota to stand with the protesters. There is now a warrant out for her arrest as well.

I’ve covered the Standing Rock protests multiple times on Redacted Tonight. I also interviewed Chase Iron Eyes, who both lives on the reservation and is running for Congress.

We have to keep talking about this and getting the word out because it is clear that the militarized police in North Dakota are doing everything they can to shut down this story – including but not limited to arresting journalists and citizen journalists alike.

Keep Fighting,

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  1. Bernie could jump up and take this one. I hope he does. As for Hillary, she stayed silent as long as possible and then released a lame statement of false equivalency. If she becomes president, we’ll have to watch her like hawks.

  2. White people try to act like all this isn’t done on their behalf. This government which acts for the benefit of White America brutilizes Blacks, Native Indians and Hispanics . Some White people don’t like the violence but they love their way of life, their safe neighborhoods, their money and their White privileg. So just shut the hell up White people because at the end of the day you inherit all the benefits.

  3. I see the bigger picture. The IRA was the best thing that happened to tribal sovereignty because now tribal governments are young sovereign nations and can learn from the United States government that conflicting personal financial interests within all three branches of government ELIMINATES democracy. Thus, the DAPL being forced through our lands for in the name of GREED.

    Now we need to ELIMINATE greed within our own Tribal Governments by enforcing 18 USCA 208. I say this because those members within the executive and legislative branches on my reservation have a conflicting personal financial interest in a matter which, resulted in the WRONGFULL removal of 162 enrolled members in violation of due process. When the District Chairman (for the people) filed suit, the Tribal Judge in Superior Court ruled in the District Chairman’s favor. I could see how easily the District Chairman would have ruled in opposition IF he too, had a conflicting personal financial interest. PLEASE SHARE MY CAUSE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF TRIBAL NATIONS WORLDWIDE! Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Also, please join the several elderly on my reservation who have already donated for the cause! #NODAPL

  4. This is their land,they have a right to defend their sacred earth. Its the same as the government starting to dig up our cemeteries and national landmarks. The government has always been a back stabbing piece of horse lucky,and needs to be overturned and reestablished with All races on the governmental board. Hoka hey bros!!!

  5. It’s a sad reality that the old ways of thinking still exist today and that is the government will take what they want from where they want for the oh mighty dollar.

  6. Give her a minute! She will help,you! She’s dealing with Crazy Trump now, and trying to win this Elevtion! Hang on!

  7. The American government/military has Never seen a treaty that it didn’t break & completely dishonor!! Do something Unexpected & actually keep an agreement with the Indigenous People’s of the America’s!! Just Dispicable, & just keeps getting worse!! This Highly Militarized Agression is Way over the top!! #OnePlanet! ? #CantDrinkOilCantEatMoney!

  8. Big oil interests are now bearing down on my own small Northwest city of Hoquiam, Washington. Local activists have been fighting this for years, and we’re getting down to a city administrator giving the final approval on a permit that was put together behind closed doors. Our hearts go out to those on the front lines in North Dakota.

    It should not be regarded as a crime for people to stand up to authority and say NO, you may not exploit us for profit. We did not invite you here and we do not want your dirty and dangerous pipelines, or crude oil trains rolling through our neighborhoods; your oil carrying ships in our pristine harbor; your toxic fumes invading our lungs; and the constant danger of your spills and explosions that could kill our people and destroy this entire region.

    We stand with all who say NO to this horrible injustice that makes a mockery of democracy. To the Indigenous people of North Dakota, thank you for your courage and determination and peaceful approach to saying NO in such a way that the world is following this event closely. Indeed, the world is stunned by the escalating agression against you. Activists in places like Hoquiam, Washington, are inspired by your example in our own efforts to protect what is ours from the ravages of oil that are descending upon us.

    In solidarity,

    Judith L. Alberts
    Hoquiam, WA

  9. Is it at all possible for the pipeline company to follow the roadways that are already in existence…they could put it underground or run it along these roads that are already in existence….

  10. News won’t cover this , money talks the oil company’s , pays them off , can’t drink money sad but true..

  11. Last war zone I saw there were random burning buses with dead bodies just casually on the side of the road, IEDs littered the ground so a 1hour device was easily doubled or tripled. But I guess an angry crowd is pretty close.

  12. The heck with the other two candidates. I want to know where and when this bait and switch happened with this pipeline looking like KeystoneXLpipeline backup plan B. None of what is going on makes sense
    Can anyone provide a link to production levels these two pipelines were supposed to service and where the demand was for the end product or is it all going for export? How much would our consumption need to scale back to eliminate both pipelines economically not feasible? This smells like the Chaco Coal Scandal and the EIS that did not consider energy efficiency and renewable energy as policy options. It was decided not to examine true alternatives. Is anyone waging this battle in court over the assumptions. Just speculating.

  13. Do we really want to step on the American Indian’s AGAIN. When the 1st American’s have nothing left to loose,it becomes easier to militarized against the gov’t, as the Palestinians have? Obama is a bad president. More like a middle manager. Only when he campaigned (w/idealistically written lies), did he sound like a leader. He won’t be remembered for much..Maybe as the president who prosecuted the WRONG people: (Whistleblowers instead of hedge fund managers)!

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