PROOF: The Polls Are RIGGED! Third Parties Are Suppressed With False Polling Data!

deeznutsYes, it’s true. The polls we’re being shown by the mainstream media – which have Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson as high as 12% – are NOT accurate. And those polls are being used in order to justify keeping third parties out of the Presidential debates! Most of the polls only speak to around 15 to 20% independents even though Gallup says 42% of Americans now consider themselves independent. On top of that, many of these polls under-sample young people. The latest CNN poll – which claimed Johnson was at 7% and Stein at 2% – talked to ZERO 18 TO 34 YEAR-OLDS! Yes, they literally did not speak to ANYONE under 35. And yet, we are told that a candidate has to be polling at 15% to get into the debates. Well, if the polls are wrong, it makes it impossible for Johnson and Stein. Watch this segment from Redacted Tonight to get even more details on how the polls are wrong – CLICK HERE.

Not to mention, the stipulations for presidential debates are completely illegitimate. Who came up with them?? Certainly not the American people. 76% of Americans want third parties in the debates.

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  1. Candy-coated popcorn,
    Peanuts and a prize–
    That’s what you get with Cracker Jack.

    Sugar-coated rhetoric,
    Election fraud and lies–
    That’s what you get with Hillary.

  2. I’ve been saying this over and over since the polls came out saying how many of Bernie’s supporters would vote for Hillary, and how many for Stein. It’s part of the whole package. But we are conditioned, as a society, to believe polls–in precisely the same way we are conditioned to believe scientific studies. (That’s another story.)

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