On MLK Day: Remember That Only Trial Ever Held Found MLK Killed By Government Agencies

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9 responses to “On MLK Day: Remember That Only Trial Ever Held Found MLK Killed By Government Agencies”

  1. Bullmoose says:

    Very familiar hospital account. Seems I heard something like that happening in D C quite recently.
    Also, I’m concerned for the wellbeing of any popular progressive or socialist leaning candidates. I believe a certain powerful politician not now in office still controls the FBI.

  2. Lee Camp says:

    He has a newer one called The Plot To Kill King – it has all the info from the earlier book and much more.

  3. Joshua says:

    It’s all I can do not to freak out everyday. We live in a sick world controlled by sick people. I think many of the people that activist think are apathetic, dumb, not paying attention, complicity, etc, are just too scared by our government’s past to speak out. Lee Camp, this lawyer, and other people like myself must have some sort of brain damage that prevents us from engaging in healthy self-censorship. It’s scary shit. Maybe the government periodically kills movement leaders, activists, artists, and uppity politicians periodically just to remind the general population to shut the fuck up? Keep fighting.

  4. Weber Christopher P says:

    CIA took out jfk. FBI took out king. And we all just go blissfully about our day.

  5. Harry S. Nydick says:

    Anyone who wants to know the truth about the assassination of MLK, should buy the book ‘An Act of State’ by William F. Pepper, the lawyer who won the civil suit against the government. If you can’t find it in a library or a book store, try eBay. No matter how wide open your eyes are, this will startle you.

  6. Miller says:

    Is the Memphis police department considered a government agency?

  7. Zachary says:

    heads* up

  8. Zachary says:

    Google is censoring your newsletters even, so gmail will have to look in the “Promotions” area to find it. Just a head up. I love what you guys are doing! Keep fighting!

  9. Flyguyinmotion says:

    One great man. one great American.

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