Podcast #291 – John F. O’Donnell and I talk Isis, Bulletproof Shields, and the upcoming Redacted Tonight!

John F. O’Donnell and I talk about Isis and the new Children’s Bulletproof shield. Then I reveal the various plans of evil people, from organizations destroying democracy to autonomous killing machines. Also covered: hacker Jeremy Hammond, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, big data, Eric Cantor vs. Dave Brat, the CIA on Twitter, fracking, homeless spikes.

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  1. Lee, I’ve been a longtime fan of your podcast. I was on the fence about J. Don and then he said “bullet-proof turtles” cracking both me and you up, and now I’m much more forgiving. Generally speaking, I’d prefer the ratio of Lee to J. to be closer to 70 / 30. Nothing against John, but Lee, you are the star and rightfully so. Both of you, keep up the good work with the Moment of Clarity podcast and Redacted Tonight. This is my first comment so I also want to say thanks for all of your hard and important work!

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