Peter Joseph, Creator of The Zeitgeist Movement, Releases His New Film “InterReflections”

The Zeitgeist trilogy are some of the most viewed documentaries in history. The creator of those films, Peter Joseph, has just released his much-anticipated new film “InterReflections.” This movie will be suppressed. Watch it while you still can. CLICK HERE to view the trailer and watch the film!

  1. we are heading for change.
    Soul Cleansing.
    Written by Christopher WHYBROW
    Soul Brothers, soul Sisters here on “Mother Earth”.
    We know why we are here
    To talk and to defend our biological physical bodies.
    Our Human family, we will unite as one.
    And wave after wave they will come.

    Like a small quake on the seabed, a ripple will appear.
    And the waves surfacing will be small and few.
    Multiplying along the way `til it meets the shore.
    There it stands 10meters high, the Tsunami can`t be stopped.

    Like a Dam built to stop the water on it way to the sea.
    The cracks will appear and the water will trickle thru.
    Growing in length and size the cracks will not, cannot hold the water back.
    `til one day the Dam will burst and the water will be freed.
    Freed to find its way, its destiny, the ocean.

    Mankinds evolution can also not be stopped.
    For many a year, we have lived in a daze, lived in fear.
    We did not know it, we did not realize it, it just was.
    Now with the Pandorra box open, for all evil doings to be seen.
    The veil is uncovered and the evil is shocking.
    We must share the shock, in order to end the shock.

    Now open our hearts, leave mindset behind, and put trust in your heartspace.
    Look the evil in the eye and hold closely to LOVE.
    To gratitude, to kindness, care and serve, be humble, be Loving.
    Free ourselves from the pain of separation, from duality and competition.
    Unite as one “Human Family” and feel the comfort and safety in Unity.
    Let no-one stand in our way `til we reach our destiny, Our wholeness, our oneness.

  2. I do not have money and have been rendered incapable of making it by social workers and doj, sticking me with lifetime sexually and psychologically abusive and isolative parents who will not allow me to have money. But I would like to see the rest of this. Your on to something

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