WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dissident Voices PURGED From Facebook & Twitter! [VIDEO]

(Our reporting is being SUPPRESSED, but we keep fighting thanks to heroes like you either following us for free or becoming sustaining members for as low as $5 a month – the same cost as two coffees. You can join the free email list in the sidebar to the right or text the word “REDACTED” to 444-999 inside the US. It’s free.)

  1. I still have you! Hope you don’t get deleted from facebook! I had the wonderful experience of seeing you in person at the first Zeitgeist Media fest in Hollywood a few years ago. I have followed you ever since and appreciate your humor and politics!! Thank you for all you are doing! Peace Barbara

  2. We have to be smarter Lee. Let me give you an example. The British had their Marcus of Queensbury rules for private citizens, and wars fought with soldiers that were the fixed standards. Only officers were important in battles you could do anything to their foot soldiers and you must meet them in formation on a battlefield where they had the greatest advantage. America would never have won the war with those indecent merciless brutally horrible leaders fighting them on their terms. Another example lee is your talent, and real creativity. Tit for tat is for idiots but not for my friends like you.

    Ponder this and make them meet you on your terms. Use phones and texts, use or align with really wonderful; groups of people like the Green party or Greenpeace, or APN and the ACLU . Do not give them a head to cut off lee produce more heads than any large group of human beings, and all of you be officers, with no sacrificial pawns or cannon fodder for the most horribly blind human beings that ever led a souring nation of abandoned citizens. We are their officers, and they have become traitors the majority of us and they are not intelligent creative ore wise trying to rule by hate, and fear again. Trust your creativity not tit for tat that is what they expect and that is how power defeats us. This I swear is true normal reactions are futile when you meet these deeply dishonest, these twisted and tyrannical people.

  3. Orwell, was about 30-35years off,but that is about all, that he was wrong about! The man was Profit! What he predicted for 1984 is all true, everything is falling in line with the majority of all appocoliptic prophecies!
    That Nut case, standing on the corner, holding a sign that says “THE END IS NEAR!” might not be so crazy after all;-)

  4. Things have just gotten so insane. I wish I could do more. I don’t know what to do anymore. Keep fighting, your work means a lot.

  5. Lee
    Thank you very much for your excellent news reporting. I am visiting the US next month and attending your DC show will be a highlight of my trip.

    The creeping fascism that you report on will only get worse. Individual internet pages will be targeted, and your reporting and communications will be attacked eventually…………………….. Thus, reasonable people (you and your followers?) need to review their skills and resources, and create their own internet and the like. Us engineers are here to help.

  6. I feel so fortunate to have found you! God has been helping me in very serendipitously lately! It really helps me feel so much more sane and less isolated and anxious just to know that you exist! Thank you!! I will help out when I am no longer on this bumpy ride. Take Care, Teresa

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