Only 3% Of Dakota Pipeline To Be “Halted” & Probably Not For Long – Plus, Reporter Who Covered Dog Attacks Has Been Charged With Trespassing

First off, I admit I was taken in by the news yesterday that the Dakota Pipeline has been halted. Perhaps we all should’ve waited to see the details. Less than 3% of the pipeline will be halted due to concerns by the Army Corps of Engineers, and even that is only if the corporation VOLUNTARILY chooses to pause construction. The statement says there will then be discussions with Tribal leaders about how to proceed. However, many think this is just a way of punting the ball past the upcoming election. Furthermore, this clearly means the pipeline IS being built since 97% of it will continue as planned. Not to mention both Hillary and Trump heavily support ANY AND ALL drilling, pipelines, and decimation of the earth.

On a separate note – Amy Goodman from Democracy Now has been charged with trespassing for her excellent coverage of the dog attacks perpetrated against protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline. This goes down a dangerous path of arrested journalists for their coverage of criminal acts against peaceful protesters. If you want to watch the Redacted Tonight segment on this story, GO HERE.

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  1. Thanks for covering #NoDAPL n biggest abuse of eminent domain in history This is for private profit of 6 multibillions corporations, not public good. This affects millions of Americans in the Norrth states now and also downstream where spills will impact and rest of the pipe will go through to Gulf of M for foreign export of the oil And thanks for covering abuse of constitutional protections of free press w issue of warrant against Amy Foodman for covering story.

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