BREAKING: Dakota Access Pipeline Halted! (But Only 3%.)


UPDATE: Only 3% of the pipeline will ACTUALLY be halted – and even that might not be for long.

BREAKING: A critical portion of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota will be halted for the time being. This is a huge win (for now) for the Standing Rock Sioux and all the protesters who have stood with them against ATTACK DOGS, pepper spray, surveillance planes, and scores of police. The pipeline construction goes through sacred land and would threaten the water supply of millions of people. Even though Obama himself visited Standing Rock back in 2012 and said he would stand with Native Americans, his administration seemed ready to ignore the $3.8 billion pipeline protests until it started to get national attention. Now the Army Corps of Engineers has halted it – but that decision could be changed in the future. And much of the construction will continue on areas that are not federal land. The fight to stop this destruction has attracted protesters of all types, including celebrities and even one presidential candidate – Jill Stein – who now faces charges for spray-painting words of encouragement on a bulldozer. Apparently painting on an implement of desecration is criminal “vandalism” but the actual ACT of destroying other people’s land is NOT. Halting the pipeline is a big win for people facing off against massive corporate destruction of their land, but this fight is not over by a long shot.

Keep fighting.

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  1. [115] Mr.Lee Camp ! Another outstanding episode- just in time to make me laugh …or else… as it is I am stuttering less now..for now …Thank You.
    Tulsa ,Okla. stood w/Standing Rock last night (9/8). Many tribes and supporters together on the Guthrie Green at sundown. The anti-attack dogs were there too protesting the abuse of their fellows forced into service to violence. Inspiring and stilling…Speaking of not boring… we have a pretty amazing grassroots comedy club-The Comedy Parlor only a few blocks from the now iconic Woody Guthrie mural we saw Bernie in front of.
    Naomi fantastic! Seismic update: quake has been recalculated to 5.8-duraton 90 seconds ..a few more and we might have made our way to liquifaction . The oil could just rise to the top and no more need to drill or frack. #dreams
    John great segment…hopefully you can do a follow-up on the drugs they must be giving Bernie ,Noam,and Democracy Spring. ( or could it be ” How about a nice game of solitaire Kai? You know it always relaxes you.”)
    Thank you once again and remember stringer services are still available from me ..only $5 plus street cred.

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