New Proof: Last Month’s San Francisco Terror Plot Follows In The Footsteps Of Countless Fake FBI-Created Plots

   1/17/2018 by Naomi Karavani 

Corporate media recently pushed a San Francisco’s “Christmas Terror Plot” story that was complete fiction. The FBI alleges that they stopped former marine Everitt Aaron Jameson from committing mass homicide on Pier 39. Major news outlets took the FBI’s word for it. Yet a look at the record of the agency’s foiled terror plots since 9/11 shows that 99% of them have been created or encouraged by the FBI themselves.   So t seems likely FBI was yet again entrapping a vulnerable person. Let’s see if I’m right.

Take the profile of the suspect: Jameson is a lonely man who was recently divorced and struggling with depression.  He came to the FBI’s attention because he “liked” some images related to ISIS on Facebook, which rightfully caused alarm. Yet there were no signs of him actually orchestrating an attack  – until the FBI befriended him. Without identifying themselves as FBI, they offered him the companionship he lacked and goaded him into a plan he likely could not and would not have concocted alone. This situation is not unlike that of Harlem Suarez, a Florida man who is now serving a life sentence for a terrorist plot the FBI engineered.

FBI employees even pose as ISIS members to aid these schemes.  There’s a network of 15,000 hired personnel who work as FBI “informants,” civilians, often criminals, who get $100,000 for every “terrorist” indicted.  These are the people who befriended both Jameson and Jerry Drake Varnell, a young paranoid schizophrenic who is now facing terrorism charges for the attempted bombing of a bank in Oklahoma City. His parents told the informants to leave their son alone, but they literally sneaked on to their property to provide Varnell with the means to commit an act of terror.

“Liking” an ISIS-related meme doesn’t require the same balls as the mass murder of innocents – which means the FBI have their work cut out for them in convincing these young men to try such a thing.  Jameson was understandably hesitant to actually follow through with the attack and said to the informants urging him on, “I also don’t think I can do this after all.”  Samy Mohammed Hamzeh, the would-be Masonic Temple attacker in Milwaukee, “lectured his informant friends about why such a plan would be wrong” yet still languishes in jail.   Harlem Suarez too hesitated and didn’t return the informant’s phone calls. The informant then manipulated Suarez by telling Suarez that he missed him and actually directed the terror threat video that would seal Suarez’s fate and guarantee the informant’s paycheck. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. I included the video in my segment on manufactured terror plots earlier this year. This is basically an ongoing “trick someone into planning a terror attack, win $100,000” operation run by the FBI.

Last year, San Francisco was the only large city in the nation to pull its police force out of the Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI, after pressure from civil rights groups.  Now, the police union can use the fuel of this supposed terror attack–fresh out of the FBI’s oven–to insist that the FBI’s help is necessary. We don’t even know the extent to which the FBI manipulated Jameson because one thousand documents were classified.

That the FBI was cooking up threats and then congratulating themselves for eliminating them was somewhat widely reported in 2012. It was exposed in detail in a book by investigative reporter, Trevor Aaronson. Yet to this day, so-called news programs are more than happy to reinforce narratives that justify the forever War on Terror. Our pathetic mainstream media seems to relish helping the FBI stoke Americans’ unjustified fears – fears which keep the FBI employed and well-funded.

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  1. I am in agreement with you. The statistics are overwhelming and Trevor Aaronson has shown that this has been taking place for many years. I am greatly aware that terrorist threats are a serious situation when they are not orchestrated by our own FBI. And how can these people fight back? There is no due process for many of the accused,I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that there are murderers serving less time them someone who may have engaged in conversation with a informant or undercover who initiated and pushed themselves into their life and led them down a path that they more than likely would not have otherwise gone down. And then arrest them and basically give them 2options plead guilty and only get 15 yrs or take it to trial (good luck by the way of finding a competent attorney or even the public federal defense team) because they may have never actually defending a case like this before and the level of security clearance and sealed evidence to contend with your forced to take a plea. Shame on the media once again for exploiting someone and whatever happens to innocent until proven guilty? We have become the opposite you are now guilty and good luck at proving your innocence. I hope that light is shed on this problem and that someone has the strength to fight and make this process fair and that the agency is exposed and taken to task. Ever it stay strong.

  2. More & more I find myself thinking I’m turning into one of those conspiracy theorist people,or at best(?)a cynical old bat…however then I read things like this & it makes me feel maybe I am not bound for aluminum hatdom just yet, sort of makes the “crazy” people screaming in the street about the government seem, perhaps, less so,which becomes a very difficult pill to swallow for people like me.I may not be the most intelligent but regard myself to be at least sane,that is,at least stable,if not genius, like some people. These stories tend to blur the lines between what’s truly outrageous & what might be the truth& make me feel less safe in a country I grew up in believing was one of the most safe and, naively “free”(granted both of those beliefs have gotten obliterated as I aged but still)The recent false alarms have unnerved me quite a bit.. Why? Why now? Why so close together (Hawaii &,Japan) what is next?A false flag? Preemptive strike? Wag the Dog scenario gone wrong? And I wonder where my insomnia comes from? We the people who want to know the truth,understand msm is propaganda no matter what side you’re on & find it increasingly hard to buy any bill of goods the govt is trying to sell, appreciate you having the balls to bring us stories like this.Keep it up…we need you.

  3. This reminds me of my career as a software engineer. I had very few (maybe none) disasters on any software project I managed. Other managers had disasters that required what we called a diving catch to rescue their projects from. The diving catch got huge bonus rewards. The people who never had disasters were ignored. We some times thought it might be a good idea to cook-up a disaster that we could rescue our projects from.

    I used what I called risk minimization techniques when managing a project. I noticed that others seemed to use risk maximization techniques.

    The people in the FBI are not the only ones to realize you only get rewarded for amazing rescues, not for making things run smoothly in the first place.

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