My latest stand-up comedy special “Not Allowed on American TV” is now FREE to view online for a limited time.

My stand-up comedy special “Not Allowed On American TV” came out at the end of 2018. But even though it’s been 2 years, you’ll find that almost nothing seems dated. The core problems of our society have remained unchanged. You can watch it for FREE, for the first time, by clicking HERE. Do me a favor and share it with people and subscribe to the new youtube channel. Thank you! And keep fighting!

42 responses to “My latest stand-up comedy special “Not Allowed on American TV” is now FREE to view online for a limited time.”

  1. Lee Camp says:

    Thanks Jennifer!

  2. Jennifer Oldham says:

    Love it! “A moron lord of the flies” – isn’t that already a thing? It’s called survivor…. but only if it were less scripted, lol. Keep up the good fight! I shared your special with everyone I could and hope for a serious mental revolution towards people questioning “Why war? Why corporations? Why money in politics?” Etc. Thank you for being a light in these dark times.

  3. Sultana Bhatti says:

    Here via twitter. Watching Lee Camp for the first time. Brilliant! So good to hear someone speak the truth with such sobering clarity. We are definitely dumb & afraid in the UK – still voted for Boris after 10 years of Tory austerity. The madness is real. Stop the arms trade! Raccoon rights for all!! (Ahem, I will be subscribing)

  4. Patrick A Brown Jr says:

    Is this going to be the same set you’re preforming this year? I plan on coming to see you in Pittsburgh when you come and don’t want to ruin it!

  5. Dewy says:

    i always enjoy lee…im catholic, conservative, white, male, straight, dewshy…but fuck it. hes funny

  6. Claus Bohm says:

    Measuring and securing the “demand and supply” of “products and work” for our “wants, needs and desires” without human corrupt intervention. That about covers what a economic system should be. … Lee please read my book!

  7. Graham says:

    Hi Lee,

    I purchased your Comedy Special last year and just watched on YouTube. I love your writing and performances. Redacted Tonight is the best show on RT. I’m looking forward to receiving my order of Bullet Points and Punch Lines when it arrives in the mail. Thank you for the genius way that you reveal the truth.

  8. Deborah L Inge says:

    Thanks, I needed that!

  9. Scott says:

    I have 3 people I watch on you tube, Lee Camp is #1, next is Jimmy Dore, and Joe Rogan! But lee is the funniest of all!

  10. Heidi says:

    Yes, a lot of it is still relevant. Ugh. Keep up the good fight 🙂

  11. Santiago says:

    I have been watching the ‘freak show’ (as per Carlin) from outside the USA. For almost 2 decades, I have been seeing the same patterns and tricks that are going to drive us into oblivion.
    Please keep fighting Lee, and trying to bring about some change. Hope is never gone I hope….
    Thanks for your work and for this comedy special. For the time being, and with a forecast where almost nobody will have jobs, I dont thin the upper 1% will purchase your special, so in the end, you might just opt to leave it up as is…just saying.

    Thanks again

  12. Lee Camp says:

    Thanks a lot, Adam!

  13. Lee Camp says:

    Thank you, Robin!

  14. Robin Brown says:

    Thank-you so much for the free access to this special – it was awesome, especially at this time. You and your team at Redacted Tonight are my heros and the comedic highlight of my week. Love your message! Keep up the great work, people are waking up and need you.

  15. Adam - from UK says:

    Thanks for putting this up there for free Lee. Much appreciated. Killed a hour of social-distancing off nicely. Stay safe man, and of course, keep fighting!

  16. Alan McKenna says:

    You are right up there with FZ man. The world needs your message. Keep fighting.

  17. PK says:

    Awesome ! keep it real Lee. Love ya from Scotland x

  18. Lee Camp says:

    You’re too kind.

  19. Vincenzo L. says:

    I’ve been in George Carlin withdrawal for over a decade. Lee Camp is the cure.

  20. Chris says:

    Hi Lee ;

    Thanks for the great show !
    Keep up the good work !
    Talk Hard ! (maybe before your time LOL)

  21. another anthony says:

    Thank you so much for bringing joy to so many of us during these trying times

  22. Rosana Bachmann says:

    Fucking love it!!!!! Hilarious, real, awakened, and fantastically put!!

  23. Vickie Patik says:

    Hey Lee,
    Great work, as always!

  24. Karen Reid says:

    WOW an American political brain worth watching, I’m Canadian and I know nothing?????? Brilliant!!!!

  25. Gregg Hill says:

    Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there? may be risky to visit. information icon

    Displayed by my McAfee Web Advisor. What’s up with that?

  26. josephine grey says:

    As well as being hilarious and cathartic there are many important points to consider in this routine… worth watching more than once to catch facts and issues that need to be exposed and addressed. It’s more than comedy- it’s educational
    Stay strong Lee, we love your work…

  27. Kudos to you and the entire Redacted Tonight team for putting on the only news comedy show worth watching. You clearly don’t take your idea of what constitutes news from CNN (like the establishment media does) and you have your priorities straight. You challenge war, climate policy, poverty, capitalism, and exploitation where the establishment media seem content to reiterate neocon/neolib doctrine including Russiagate lies (remember Full Frontal’s “expose” on that which was later debunked by RT?) and repeating the CIA’s line on the Venezuelan coup attempts (remember This Week Tonight’s show on that which was later debunked by Empire Files?). Keep fighting and we’ll keep watching.

  28. Jost Lang says:

    I saw your show on youtube
    and I was impressed. My compliments.

  29. Becky A. says:

    Keep fighting and following your heart and keeping people laughing also.

  30. Deana Williams says:

    Thanks dude

  31. Valerie Shave says:


  32. anthony says:

    great, my first time seeing your standup.
    lived in and around richmond for 23 years but never had the pleasure of knowing of you.
    will shar the experience with friends +family.
    thanks, and the best to you lee.

    a morganti.

  33. Stan says:

    So its thurs March 12th and the canadian public doesn’t even have a clue Trudeau has put himself in self quarenten yet or we even able to watch the president speech lastnight on tv welcome to Saudi Arabia/ canada I guess I should go make sure were not flying the Saudi flag yet got any connections in this good forsaken place regina saskatchwan is a jail cell

  34. Stan cooper says:

    The internet is so policed here I’m hoping u got my previous rant

  35. Pat says:

    Got your e-mail. Sorry March 11 was yesterday, and tomorrow is Friday the 13th. So let me know when I can check out your routine. BTW I bought your signed copy of Bullet Points and Punch Lines from PM Press. Keep fighting!

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